Subway Surfers – Tips and Tricks to Score High

You are a youthful hooligan.

Suddenly the angry inspector tries to catch you as you spray graffiti over the station. So you make a run for it down the train tracks with the hope of escaping the inspector and his dog. This is what the Subway Surfers game entails.

The objective of this game is for the hooligans to run and at the same time grab gold coins along the way, whilst avoiding different obstacles and railway cars and trying not to collide with any of them.

So now that you have a vague idea of what the game Subway Surfers is all about, it is time to give you some tricks and tips on how to score high and how players can do so.

Jump High

This trick involves the player using a jetpack, which will enable them to jump high. In order for the player to get the right boost, they must jump at exactly the right moment. In addition for the trick to work out, the player needs to have the jetpack. Once the last coin is collected, the jetpack will start to run out of fuel, so the player must then swipe as quickly as they can. The character will then jump in mid air. If correctly done, you will find yourself landing on top of the train.

Run Backwards

To run backwards, you will need to follow these steps:

• You will need to get a huge head start from the Mystery Box
• Once you have a big enough head start, you will be able to play the game
• You will also need to ensure that you die within seconds of playing the game
• As you are about to die, activate head start by clicking on it
• If you do this correctly, then your player will fly backwards
• As this trick is a hard one to do, practice is needed and lots of it, that way you can do the trick perfectly

Avoid Death

Once again, there is a certain way in which to do this trick, so you can avoid dying, by following these steps:

• Your player will need to stand very still and not move, even when you bump into an obstacle
• You have to stand still, while the character goes into another lane
• Activation happens when you swipe in any direction which will keep you moving even when an obstacle is in front of the train and the character in the other side
• Just before you are about to die, you need to veer yourself into the side of the train, suddenly
• Remember this trick has to be activated and is the hardest one of them all to do, and does not always work
• Timing is everything, so make sure that you practice this a lot

Get a Free Board

If you want the free Miami Special Board, then this trick will do just that, get you the special board at no cost whatsoever.

• Firstly, go to device settings and set the date to May 30, 2013
• After the change has been set, open the section for Boards and you should see the Miami Special Board
• Remember, though, that this is a glitch, so you may not get it the first time you try this. If not, then do it all over again for a second time.

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