Star Wars Battlefront Confirmed for E3 2014 Reveal

For so many years, gamers were screaming at the game developers at Lucas Arts to come up with a Star Wars Battlefront game. The studio promised but didn’t deliver. Instead, they simply closed it down and when everyone assumed that the Star Wars franchise had come to a bitter end, things took a different turn. Now, the game is not only under development but it is being made by one of the best multi-player shooter designers in the gaming industry. DICE has the biggest record for making the Battlefield series so popular which is not only a visually appealing game but has game play elements in it that keeps players glued onto it for hours together. It has been officially confirmed that EA is going to show off six different titles during the E3 2014 press conference which will last a good sixty minutes. Even though, the company didn’t officially confirm whether this game will be there, it is a given that it will be part of the show. The company has already released a teaser last year and it is a good time to show off more about the title.

Expected Features

Gamers already have a list of expected features for Star Wars Battlefront and it definitely looks promising. One of the interesting features that have made its way to the wish list is the ability to create custom heroes. The game had heroes in it right from the first release but it allowed only Yoda, Darth Vader among other known heroes to be wielded by players. A similar approach has been used in Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2 where the developers allowed custom hero creation and it was a great success. Introducing such a feature will push the game to its boundaries and pave way for intense battles in multi-player missions. When it comes to custom creation, players should have complete control over the character’s appearance as well as abilities. This makes it much difficult when an opposition hero faces off another in battle where they will go against each other with completely contrasting power ups.

Balanced Multi-player Aspects

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 didn’t have strong AI opponents which is one of its weakest points. Unlike Battlefield 3 or 4 where human players populate the entire map, this game has so many AI opponents surrounding it to create a space war experience. It just can’t change all of a sudden and gamers wish DICE wouldn’t try to make it more like BF4 rather than the original game envisioned by Lucas Arts. Creating AI characters that can be commanded will be an excellent addition where players have the ability to take a squad and fight their way into the defenses.

A similar approach found in Brothers in Arms series was so intuitive to play that it added a great deal to the game play experience. However, this squad control should be optional so that gamers who prefer playing solo don’t have to bear the burden of being a commander.

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