Spotify vs Pandora – Comparison on the Legacy, Features and Cost

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When we talk of the leading music streaming services, Spotify and Pandora are the two leading names that you should consider. It is difficult to pick one single streaming service between the two because they offer overlapping features and we will check out the details of both these services to give you a better idea of the streaming service which you should choose.

The Legacy

Pandora has been in the market for nearly 12 years now, while Spotify is relatively new as it has been in the market for just around 6 years. Those who still believe in sticking to the old services and do not want to opt for any change are likely to be pleased with Pandora. This is perhaps the reason why Pandora sports more than 65.6 million active users.

Spotify, on the other hand, has a little over 20 million users. If you look at the geographical distribution, you will find that Spotify has a much wider audience. You will find that this app is available in nearly 23 countries. On the other hand, the distribution offered by Pandora is very restricted and stands at 3 countries.

The Variety of Songs

When you are using a song streaming service, the key feature which you will have to check is the kind of variety you get. Each one of us may have our own set of likes and choices and so you would definitely be itching to have an app that can give you plenty of different options at hand.

If you are one of those who have been sticking to Pandora, it pays to know that Spotify offers you many times the options. Spotify has more than 20,000,000 songs and this infers that you are never going to run out of options. Pandora, on the other hand, has a database of 1,000,000 songs. While this isn’t by any mean useless, but when you make a comparison, Pandora definitely loses the game to Spotify.

Cost Factor

No doubt, you are going to measure your cost because none of us wants to spend more money than what we can settle for. While you have free apps available for both the music services, but the free apps come cluttered with ads. If you want to opt for an ad free version, you will have to pay and Spotify is nearly thrice as costly as Pandora.

For the mobile version, Pandora charges $3.99/month and Spotify comes at $9.99/month. For the desktop version, there isn’t such a huge difference in cost as Spotify is priced at $4.99/ month, while Pandora is priced at $3.99/month.

One positive point about the desktop version of Pandora is that you can enjoy unlimited service for the ad cluttered version. Spotify, on the other hand is free to use only for 2.5 hours per week.

Hence, when we are running a Spotify vs Pandora comparison, we will see that there are both good and bad points for each of these streaming player.

You cannot rewind or even repeat the tracks when you are hearing songs on Pandora. Further, because of the restrictions on licensing, you are permitted to play a single track per album at a time.

Similarly, when it comes to Spotify, it has its share of drawbacks too. There have been accusations that Spotify doesn’t compensate the artists in the right manner and the cost is a negative factor too. Now that you are familiar with the intricate details of Spotify vs Pandora, you can decide which music streaming service you should opt for. Analyze your cost and services thoroughly and then come to the right decision.

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