Sony Xperia ZL2 – Specs, Features and Price

Recently, Sony Xperia ZL2 was launched in Japan. The rest of the world is yet to get their hands on this smartphone and it is likely to be unveiled soon. However, if you wish to get a sneak peek of what this model has to offer and the specifications that it has, we will list the main points here.

The Latest Operating System

Currently, all the new mobiles that are going to be launched are likely to run on the latest Android platform. This phone is no exception. Sony Xperia ZL2 will run on KitKat which is Android 4.4 OS. This in itself makes this mobile fast because KitKat has been termed to be the fastest android operating system so far.

The Display

If you are analyzing the display offered by Sony Xperia ZL2, you are going to be impressed a great deal. This model comes with a 5 inch screen size. The screen has full HD LCD tri-luminous display and Sony mobile Bravia engine 2 and even X- Reality has been integrated into the display. These are some of the high-end features that will give you one of the best displays that you could have possibly asked for.

The demand for Sony mobile Bravia engine technology is phenomenally high because it can really bring your screen to life and the display is going to be so eclectic that you are sure to appreciate your mobile.

Sony Xperia ZL2 comes with 440 ppi density which makes for excellent picture quality. You are not going to have any issue with the clarity offered by the display of Sony Xperia ZL2.

The Powerful Processor

If you compare the processor of Sony Xperia ZL2 with its predecessor which is Sony Xperia ZL, you will find no changes whatsoever. Both the models run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor. The processor has been clocked at 2.3 GHz. The RAM offered by this model is impressive too as it boasts of 3 GB of RAM.
Hence, you are not going to face any lag when you are using this device. Further, handling concurrent app together should not give you any headache as the CPU performance is likely to be commendable. Those who have used Sony Xperia ZL have not complained and perhaps this is why Sony decided to stick to the same processor standards.

The Battery Rating

As it is a 5-inch phone, it is important to have a good battery rating. Sony Xperia ZL2 comes with a battery rating of 3000 mAh and this is pretty impressive to say the least. It is import to give the right kind of battery rating lest the phone fails to impress. Even Nexus 5 received negative reviews because of the battery rating despite coming packed with some of the best features. It looks like Sony knows how to play the game well and this is why they have offered a truly impressive battery life.

Apart from this, this model by Sony too is waterproof and dustproof which gives it an edge over other competitors. Even when it comes to camera and video, you are not going to face any issues because the specifications are pretty impressive. You will get a 20.7 MP camera with a CMOS sensor. Sony is of the opinion that you are going to be floored with what the camera is going to offer because you can click pictures with 4K resolution.

There is no official declaration of the price yet, but it is likely to be on the higher side. Sony Xperia ZL2 is one of those phones that have been designed for perfection and it is sure to live up to your expectations.

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