Sony Xperia Z3 – Rumored to Come Out Within Six Months

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The latest flagship of Sony, the Xperia Z2, came out into the market only a few months ago.

Even before the product had a chance to establish as the primary competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC One M8, Sony has announced plans to launch the Xperia Z3 in the month of September. The company revealed that the next flagship model will be launched between six and eight months, which tentatively brings the launch date to September.

4K Display

Sony is set to adopt an aggressive strategy in order to dominate the smartphone segment, which it has not done for the last few years. The smartphone segment is currently caught in between the new developments and the existing trends. The existing trend means that smartphones have to feature a full HD display with a large touch screen – preferably about 5 inches. The upcoming developments are set primarily to concentrate upon the 4K display.

4K Recording

Being one of the first companies to develop the 4K display and also several ancillary products that help make 4K content, Sony set to come out with the Xperia Z3 featuring this technology in a big way. The Xperia Z2 has already come out with the ability to record 4K videos. Memory constraints mean that the length of the video is likely to be under five minutes. This feature is expected to get a significant increase in the upcoming Xperia Z3.

Sony may decide to offer this phone with a 64 GB internal memory. Coupled with external memory card support, the Xperia Z3 may be one of the best devices to facilitate in 4K video recording. The Xperia Z3 could also become the first device to support a 4K display. Even if it is the case, then rumors suggest that the device could be coming with at least a 2K unit. This would substantially increase the resolution of the device so much so that it will be capable of supporting even larger displays without losing quality.

Increased Screen Size

Sony is likely to adopt the edge to edge technology for its upcoming Xperia Z3. The iPhone 6 is expected to be the first device featuring this technology and the Xperia Z3 should not be far behind. This would allow Sony to increase the screen size without a corresponding increase in the device size. The size of the device has been a concern in recent years and Sony has come out with miniature versions of its flagship devices that feature not many changes apart from a smaller screen.

64 Bit Processor

The Xperia Z3 could also be futuristic by sporting a 64-bit processor, which appears to be on the agenda of every major smartphone maker like Apple and Samsung. Using a 64-bit processor should also help the Xperia Z3 feature 4 GB of RAM – one of the first phones to do so. Rumors also state that the phone is set to come with a 23-megapixel camera, which is a significant upgrade from the current 20.7-megapixel unit.

The Xperia Z3 will be priced around the $ 800 mark.

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