Sony Smartwatch – Specs, Price and Features

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Linking and Connecting

If you already have a Sony Xperia mobile phone using Android 2.1 version or higher, the software for the Sony smartwatch will already be loaded in it. Otherwise, you can use the Sony Smart Connect and download the Android applications for the smartwatch from the Google Play Store. After activating the pairing mode of the Bluetooth in the watch, it links up to the phone and offers a screen for apps running on your mobile phone. The Bluetooth connectivity feature of the smartwatch has a range of up to 10 m. This will enable you to operate many smart features on your phone on your smartwatch. There is no data stored in the watch, except the time, but only acts as a conduit for configuring and customizing through the mobile phone.

Installing Apps

There is a main clock screen. Apart from this, you can swipe towards the left to view the apps that are installed. For instance, you can run Facebook, Twitter, calendar, weather, missed calls and other apps that are widget capable. By swiping from the top, you can access the App tray in the usual Android phone manner.

Functions and Features

The watch operates on the Android OS and does almost everything that you can do on your Android device. Along with the date and the day function, you can also access a calendar function. This is very useful for planning schedules. You can also charge the battery with the regular USB connector, making it an ideal replacement for your mobile device. The dial dimensions are 36 mm in height and width and 8 mm in thickness.

Smartphone Companion

You can consider the Sony Smartwatch as a companion to your smartphone. With the SmartConnect application, you can manage messages and notifications being sent to your watch. The SmartConnect brings in these watch apps from the Google Play Store. When replying to texts, you have to reply either with emoticons or by selecting pre written replies, such as ‘I’ll get back to you’ and so on. The screen size is just 4 centimeters; so it is not possible to have a keyboard, for typing out replies.


The latest refresh is available for the LiveWare Manager as well as the SmartWatch software. These will address most of the issues faced initially. Setting up the watch is relatively simple and you can have it running within a few minutes. After installing the new software, you can play the music that you stored in your phone, through the smartwatch screen. You can also adjust volume and go back or forward by tapping the display on the watch. You can make all these adjustments with the default music player of Android as well as for Google Music and for Google Listen podcasts.

When there are any notifications from Facebook or from messaging applications, you will feel the vibration of the watch. You can use the Phonebook app for placing and receiving calls. Of course, the touchscreen on the watch is a little small, especially if you have big hands. The buttons are miniscule and it takes some time getting used to. The battery will let the watch run for about three or four days or alternatively for 14 hours of runtime.


The Sony Smartwatch is a technically advanced and ambitious gadget. It is extremely good-looking but not universally compatible. Another drawback is that the display is not very legible in bright sunlight. However, the new software updates from Sony have fixed most of the connection issues, offering an attractive product. It is a great accessory for your smartphone, available at around $70 to $85.

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