Smartphones Wreck Your Life – 5 Real Reasons Getting Hooked To

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For most of us, our smartphone has become part of our staple diet, as it has all our contacts, our social networking accounts and, of course, our bank accounts.

This is good news for all those companies out there who are manufacturing more and more technologically advanced phones but it could actually be ruining your life and wrecking it much more than you could ever imagine.

1-Affecting Human Relationships

You might think that your smartphone is able to connect you to the entire world, through emails, messaging apps and through social networking sites, but in fact, it ends up disconnecting you from the people living around you.

You prefer to stare at the phone and interact with someone far away instead of talking to the ones close to you. This could result in losing the ability to communicate with others face to face.

2-Losing the Real Life Experience

Many smartphones have excellent cameras, so it is impossible to resist taking pictures whenever you have the opportunity. Of course, photographs are very nice memories, but you end up throwing out the real life experience while being engrossed in taking the best shots.

You will have the photos but you will lose out on the real life experience.

zombies with smartphones Smartphones Wreck Your Life – 5 Real Reasons Getting Hooked To

3-Missing out on Good things

When you allow smartphones to dominate your life, you miss out on all the good activities of your life. Your life will become less fulfilling; you will never be able to read a good book or laugh heartily and dine out with friends or play with your pet dog. In fact, you will be losing out on a lot of very interesting hobbies in life.

Instead, you will spend more and more time in sharing and even over sharing the details of your life with many others, who just don’t care what you are doing. Smart phones allow you to take photos and upload videos and even provide a running commentary of your activities, but many of these updates are pointless and really not necessary or interesting to others.

4-Over Reliance on Technology 

Smartphones are allowing technology to take over every aspect of life and this leads to over reliance on technology. This might lead to an inability to do even basic tasks by oneself. For instance, after a few years, people will no longer be able to plan a trip or fix typing errors or even wake up in the morning without a smartphone to help them.

Thus, it can affect the long-term health of people. Over reliance on knowledge from the Internet leads to lessened reliance on your memory. You no longer need to memorize or plan, as you have all the help and suggestions from a website just a touch away.

5-A Distraction

Smartphones can distract you from the present, where Angry Birds or Candy Crush become more important than talking to someone you love sitting near you. Moreover, it also leads to postponing or procrastination of any job that needs to be done at the home or in the office.

When you start playing some addictive games, you would surely not be interested in running to the grocery or doing any other important errand for your wife or your mother. You lose track of time when you are lost in your phone and will only leave it when you are out of battery power.

This does not mean that you must criticize new technology, but people must be aware of the limits of relying on such technology and the way it can affect their life and wreck it. There is nothing more important than the people in our life and the need for interacting face to face with them. You have to decide whether you are going to control smartphones or allow them to control you.


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