Skype Sees Google Hangouts as a Threat

When it comes to group video chatting, Google Hangouts had always had the upper hand against other apps.

This is because this feature, which allows you to video conference with up to 9 people, is offered by Google Hangouts for free. This is not something that anyone can just enjoy on their other free calling apps. Needless to say, it is for this reason why a lot of people choose Google Hangouts over any other apps.

Group Video Chat for Free

If you have friends or relatives scattered in different parts of the country or the world, sometimes it can be a hassle to schedule a chat with them. There may be times that there’s nothing else you would want but to talk to all of them together at once. Not many apps allow you to do this. Google Hangouts is one of the few that allow it for free. Some people, even if they are not a big fan of the app, have no choice but to download the app just so they can use this feature.

Skype Offered the Same with a Price Tag

One of the most popular free calling apps is Skype. Skype has all the features that Google Hangouts is offering. Skype has always been popular with users who are looking for an app that allow them to talk to their loved ones for free. What’s not so great with this app, however, is that its group video chat is not free. One has to pay $8.99 monthly for this feature.

People Want it for Free

This leaves the question whether you would pay for a feature that you can get from others for free. Most people would rather not and so they opt to switch to another app. Because of this, Google Hangouts is the new “hangout” place for people who want a free group video chat. Skype is now looking at a competition that’s capable of offering more.

Pay No More

Before it does any more damage to the company, Skype recently has made an announcement that it will now be offering their group video chatting for free. Yes, that means there will be no need to spend money if you want to have a chat with a group of people from your contacts. Don’t be too quick on celebrating, though, because this feature is only available on the desktop version. If you’re looking forward to using the free group video calling feature using your smartphone, you better switch to your desktop first.

What it Means for Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts should heed Skype’s free group video calling feature because Skype already has more users than the latter when this feature was not free. But then again, Google Hangouts still has the advantage over Skype because their group video calling is also available on their mobile versions. Skype has made no further announcement on when the feature will be available on mobile versions, so until then, you might want to stick to Google Hangouts to enjoy group video chatting with your loved ones.

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