Skype – Now Connecting to Your Facebook Account is Simple

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Both Skype and Facebook are nifty apps, and both of them are very simple to work your way around.

Skype is a great communication tool that lets you send instant messages to your contacts, and helps you get in touch with them through audio and video calls. Skype is often also used to make conference and group calls, making it easy for businesses to place employees remotely and get regular updates from them. Facebook on the other hand, started out being all about having fun. However, in recent years, Facebook has turned out to become a great marketing tool for businesses who want to promote themselves. Both of these apps are great separately, but they can work very well together too. Here’s how you can connect them.

Skype and Facebook Together

This is a little known trick for Skype users, but most people do not know that they can connect the two together to make life much easier. Connecting the two together really merges their functionalities. If you are not really comfortable using the Facebook Messenger, Skype can help you get in touch with Facebook friends. If you log into Skype using Facebook, you can also get your Facebook feed and can post your status updates from there. There are a lot of benefits of connecting your Facebook account with your Skype account.

How to Link the Accounts

To link the two accounts, you do not have to do anything special. Just click on your contacts menu and select ‘contact lists’. By default, the ‘All’ option is selected. You can change it to Facebook. You will now get a new screen with the Facebook logo and a button underneath it, inviting you to connect to Facebook. Once you press the button, you will be connected and will be able to see the newsfeed from your homepage. You will be able to see two tabs – contacts and recents, for your Facebook contact list, and you can start accessing your contacts from here.

What All Can You Do?

You can also filter out the messages that you do not want to see, and select only those that you want to see appear on your homepage. From your newsfeed on Skype page, you can like and comment on posts from your friends. To like a post, just click on the heart shaped icon and to comment, just click on the speech bubble. Your homepage will sport a small button with two arrows. You can use this to refresh the list and get new posts. When you have connected the two accounts, you will also be able to import your Facebook contacts directly into your Skype contact list. You can sort these contacts and arrange them according to your choice. You will also be able to send them instant messages while you are online on Skype. Therefore, if for some reason, you do not want to have both Skype and Facebook messengers working at the same time, this could help you immensely.

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