Sims 4 – Release Dates, Game-play and Updates

The Sims Virtual Games need no introduction if you are from planet earth, as everybody has played this popular game at some point in their lives or started and never stopped. Are you one of those waiting for more information on Sims 4?

Release Date

Creators of the well-loved game share some of the updates, however no specific release date. According to THE Sims creators, the official release date will be announced in the autumn of 2014. Other rumors speculate that the official release date will be one year later in 2015. That is if the creators stick to the release pattern they followed with their other Sims announcements and actual release dates.

Sims 4 to Have Enhanced Emotions and Intelligence

The previous Sims was created with emotions and actions to follow after they were created. The Sims 4 characters allow players to create their Sims with controllable emotions and intelligence. For the first time a player can direct the virtual character to express diverse emotions and feelings towards another Sims. This is one of the biggest updates ever giving Sims a specific personalization you want it to experience.

Precise Physicality

You will be able to not only simulate anyone you want with your Sims’s character, but a new tool allows you to sculpt precise physical aspects. Do you want an exact replica of one of your actual friends transformed into a controllable character?

Build Mode

The build mode is not neglected either as players can build their Sims homes with a wide variety of decors, furniture and appliances.

Rewards and New Features

An added feature allows players that level up from one level to another that they are rewarded with additional rewards. A cupcake factory, microscope sets, rocket ships are some of the new features player can expect.

Advanced Party Options

The Sims 4 comes with advanced party options, such as DJs and party equipment, wild parties, more drinking, more flirting, and more socializing options for all party lovers. The venues and activities allow Sims to socialize and interact with other Sims very much like real life.

Improved Skills

Sims 4 characters will be a lot more advanced in skill sets as oppose to previous versions. Some of the added skills include Woohoo skills very much Harry Potter style magic skills, writing, and gardening, cooking, playing musical instruments, and even become a real hacker if that is your choice. The new Sims characters will also have the ability to multi-task for example chat to fellow Sims while doing something else like cooking or whatever activity they are doing. Sims will be able to watch television chat to friends and still show emotion and animated gestures at the same time.

No Internet Connection Needed

The publisher of Sims, Electronic Arts officially announced that the new Sims 4 will be available for both PC and Mac and on top of that is the fact that it will be offline mode. No need for Internet connection, servers going down, and the usual problems accompanied with online game playing.

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