Samsung’s Galaxy Glass to Compete with Google Glass

With Google Glass finally releasing the open beta mode, Samsung is about to launch its own competitor product in the market soon. There are rumors that Samsung may launch Galaxy Glass to give Google a stiff competition.

As per the rumors that are circulating in the market, Samsung may well be on its way to launching a product called Galaxy Glass in the month of September. Here, we will discuss about some of the top features that this “to-be launched” product is likely to offer.

The Speculated Core Features

  • As per media reports, the Galaxy Glass is likely to have a small prism which will be located just above one eye and this will come in handy for the sake of viewing the different contents.
  • Not only this, the glass will offer an earpiece for listening as well.
  • It is believed that this device will not run on Google’s Android operating system; rather Samsung is going to use Tizen OS which is open source software in the development of which, Samsung was hugely involved.

Are There Other Competitors Too?

Ever since Google Glass became a popular concept, a lot of other companies have been itching to join the game. Samsung isn’t the only one to come up with a similar product, but you have other companies including the likes of Microsoft thinking of launching such products. While Samsung is likely to launch its Galaxy Glass this year in September itself, there is no such official confirmation from other brands.

Samsung first launched its Galaxy Gear series and after a relatively successful stint with the gear watch, it has deiced to take things a step ahead. While the Galaxy Glass will resemble Google glass in a lot of aspects, but it looks like Samsung is going to step up the game even further and offer more features than what Google Glass is already offering.

It is hard to predict as to which product will come out on top because Samsung hasn’t released any official word yet. We will have to at least wait for the formal launch before we can decide whether Samsung will manage to beat Google in the game.

No doubt, these devices seem to be setting the trend for tomorrow as they are different than what a regular smartphone has to offer. Samsung experimented with its gear watch and as their move paid off, they have thought of taking the game further ahead.

When Google officially launched the Goggle Glass, it created a frenzy among people, because it was ‘one of its kind’ product. Samsung was quick to notice the excitement among people and so it went ahead and launched its gear watch. Now that it is relatively sure of the kind of market that these products have, this September is likely to see the unveiling of Galaxy Glass.

We will have to wait to see how the audience reacts to this new product. The OS used by Samsung and the features offered by Galaxy Glass are definitely going to be the buzz of the town, when the product formally launches.

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