Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – Comparing Specs and Prices

The Galaxy range of smartphones represents the ultimate that is possible in the smartphone segment from Samsung.

They are the top mobile phone manufacturers in the world today. Over the years, the gap between the different generations of the flagship models from the company has been reduced. One of the finest examples of this is the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S5. These two phones had less than 12 months between them. The Galaxy S4 came with several new features in comparison with the previous generation device.

Just when it seemed that Samsung could not possibly add more new features into its latest flagship, the company has come out with more of the same in the Galaxy S5.


This is an area where there is little to separate the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S5 apart from the introduction of slightly more premium materials in the latter. Gone is the rounded approach of the Galaxy S3 since both these two flagships use the square philosophy. Despite featuring a much larger display than before, they are also extremely easy to hold partly because of this design philosophy.


The Galaxy S4 means substantial improvements in the screen by featuring a larger display and a much better resolution of full HD – in comparison with the Galaxy S3. This level of improvement is not seen in the Galaxy S5, which makes only a marginal improvement and that also comes about in the size department. The five-inch display has been increased to a 5.1-inch unit on the Galaxy S5. Resolution wise, it was expected that this device will feature the much talked about 4K display unit.

Samsung has postponed it for later flagship devices, as the Galaxy S5 comes with the same full HD resolution that has been seen in several high end smartphones in the last few quarters.


Camera is an area where there has been substantial improvement made in the Galaxy S5 due to its 16-megapixel unit. This is a substantial improvement from the 13 megapixel unit on the Galaxy S4, which in itself was better than the eight megapixel sensor on the Galaxy S3. Samsung introduced a number of new features like the ability to shoot pictures and videos at the same time. Both these devices offer this aspect along with many others.

A standout aspect of the Galaxy S5 is its ability to record 4K videos, although it is limited to only five minutes in length. There have also been instances where testers have been able to take 4K videos even underwater. This is because the Galaxy S5 employs dust and water resistant features, which are absent in the Galaxy S4.


All versions of the Galaxy S4 come with an octa core processor from the Exynos chipset while the North American versions of the Galaxy S5 feature snapdragon processors of the 801 range. The same amount of RAM means that both phones are fairly similar in speed.

The Galaxy S5 retails at around $ 700 while the Galaxy S4 – being slightly older – is at around $ 440.

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