Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – Specifications, Price and Release Date

Are you a Samsung fan boy? Are you looking to have the best Samsung phone? With Galaxy S5, some users have complained about the increase in phone size. If you are looking to get a good phone which can fit comfortably in your hand, you can choose to opt for Samsung Galaxy S5 mini.


When it comes to the key features offered by this phone, take a look at these details.


Samsung Galaxy S5 mini will have a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED display. The resolution offered by this mobile is 1280 x 720 pixels. If you compare this resolution with S4 mini, you will find that S5 mini will offer you slightly better display. However, you are not going to get a HD display obviously because this phone will have lower end features of Samsung Galaxy S5 which was released earlier this year.

Processor Power

When it comes down to the processor, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini will come with a quad-core Snapdragon processor. The processor is definitely impressive and multitasking should not give you any problems. The RAM offered is mediocre 1.5 GB which will not make it good enough when compared with the speculated specifications being offered by iPhone 6 and even Nexus 6. However, it is believed that Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is mainly contrasted with Galaxy S4 mini as Samsung is looking to offer a mini model better than its own predecessor.

S4 mini had a dual-core processor and the quad-core processor of Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini will definitely give you an improved performance.

It is hard to give the exact details of the clocked time of the processor because no official release has been done so far. Yet, if you have been using Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, you are surely going to appreciate what this phone will bring to the table. The exact details of the specifications have not been released and so it is hard to give the full run down of what this phone is going to offer. Still, the specifications are average and decent and if Samsung manages to cut down the price a little, it might well be on its way to launching yet another smartphone that is going to drive people crazy.

Is the Battery Life Commendable?

Another main factor that you should consider when you are analyzing the performance of a phone is the battery rating. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini comes with a battery rating of 2100 mAh and this is by no means bad. While you would expect a better rating, but the small display should ensure that the battery will last longer.

When will it be released?

While there is no official word regarding the release, it is expected that the model will hit the stores at the end of the second quarter. The speculation for the dates is based upon the fact that Samsung Galaxy S4 mini was released around the same time last year.

The price for this model is being speculated to be around $550. However, given the wide range of new phones that are coming up and that too at smart prices, Samsung may be forced to once again rework the pricing strategy.

Sometimes, it is price erosion that can play the clinching role and may make the final difference. Regardless of what this model is priced at, Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is sure to be one of the awaited launches of this year. Samsung lovers are going to be excited to get their hands on the mini version of Galaxy S5; the biggest launch of Samsung so far. The price might end up playing the decisive factor.

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