Samsung Galaxy S5 – Features, Specs and Price

The word ‘evolution’ describes the Samsung Galaxy S5 perfectly, as this phone has evolved in every sphere, with faster and clearer images, better fitness tracking features, a dedicated monitor for heart rate, a stronger S Health application, a fingerprint scanner and many other evolutionary features. When compared to the S4, the S5 has a bigger and brighter screen and the processor is also quicker. It runs on a processor of 2.5 GHz, quad core CPU, with a RAM of 2GB and a removable battery of 2800 mAh capacity, coming in two variants of 16GB and 32GB, which can be expanded up to 128GB using a micro SD card. The phone comes with a 5.1 inch screen with additional biometrics. As for the price, it is actually cheaper than the previous models at around $650. The phone is offered in a fashionable or a glamorous design and is toned down on gimmicks, instead, focusing on special and functional features.

Design and Screen

It is a more solid device compared to the S4 and can be easily gripped. One of the important changes in the design is that it is water resistant and comes with IP67 certification, making it dust resistant as well. It comes with a removable battery, similar to the S4. It still has all the novel features of the S4, like the Air Browse.

The screen is bright and vivid with the full high definition Super AMOLED screen offering much better brightness than the S4, with a feature like the Adapt Display making the screen bright even in bright daylight. Color reproduction is better on this 5.1 inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixelation.

S Health

The heart rate monitor enables the user to access data related to all his daily activities and quantifies them by accessing the pulse rate whenever you want to track your fitness over a period of time. The S Health 3.0 is feature rich and offers the convenience of a central app offering all the conveniences, such as controlling calories, the pedometer, tracking exercises for novice runners. It is a great feature for those with medical conditions or heart conditions.

Power Saving

You can make the battery on the S5 last longer using the power saving mode, with the power ramp going down and limiting the apps to a few limited ones, the six that you opt for, such as the Internet browser, Facebook or Twitter and so on. While you put the phone on the ultra power saving mode, the data consumption remains low, so you may not receive background notification and it is suggested that you do not use any power hungry apps, or the whole purpose is defeated.


One of the novel features is the Selective focus or de-focusing the background, where you can take a picture and then add professional effects, such as background de-focusing using bokeh and keep the subject prominent. The camera has a very powerful sensor and quick auto-focus and is excellent for taking pictures in a well-lit scene.

Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung places this biometric feature on the home key and it works quite effectively, where you have to swipe the finger digit vertically for unlocking the phone.

Performance and User Interface

The interface is smooth and fluid, with changes in the lock screen, the pedometer and the weather being part of the screen. You can also swipe the camera without even opening the phone. TouchWiz has become snappier without any lag, with tweaks made in the notification area. The device is powered with a 2.5GHz CPU with a Qualcomm 801 Chip.

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