Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Comparison of Specifications and Pricing

Samsung has been regularly eating into the market share of Apple at the top end of the smartphone segment through several launches in the Galaxy S series.

The Galaxy S4 was one of the flagship devices for the company in 2013. It has just been replaced by the Galaxy S5, which appears to have stolen the march on the iPhone 6 – a phone that is not expected until September. However, these two phones have their own competition since the Galaxy S4 continues to be sold at a lower price.


Samsung clearly has made a lot of improvements with regard to the design of the phone. A small increment of 0.1 inches to the screen size does not add a lot of bulk to be Galaxy S5. However, it is the desire to be IP67 certified that makes this device bulkier than the Galaxy S4. Weighing in at just 145 g, it is one of the lightest in the market, but it is not a match for the 130 g weight of the Galaxy S4. The IP67 certification proves that the Galaxy S5 can withstand water and dust to more than tolerable levels for smartphones and this includes the Galaxy S4.


With regard to the screen, there is little to separate the two devices because the size features only a 0.1 inch increment. The resolution in every other aspect of the Galaxy S5’s display is similar to that of the Galaxy S4. Samsung, though, has worked on the TouchWiz user interface to make it even friendlier. It provides with a number of important changes to the android operating system to make it user-friendly.


The Galaxy S5 is substantially faster than the Galaxy S4 and this is an area where there is a lot to separate the phones. This is despite the fact that the latter uses an octa core chipset from Exynos. The Galaxy S5 sticks with the snapdragon 801 processor – found in most high-end smartphones launched in 2014, although there is an octa core version of this device available in some Asian countries. Even in the quad core version, it is able to run the android 4.4 operating system a tiny bit faster than the Galaxy S4.


Camera is also an area where there is a huge difference between the two phones. The Galaxy S4 features only 13 megapixel camera compared to the 16 megapixel unit on the Galaxy S5. They may be separated only by a pixel count of just three, but there’s much to talk about in terms of features. One of the best introductions is the 4K video recording, which is present in the Galaxy S5. It is also capable of autofocusing at a much faster level. Samsung claims that it is the fastest among smartphones today.

The additions in certain features has resulted in the Galaxy S5 coming with the 2800 mAh battery over the 2600 mAh unit on the Galaxy S4, which is priced at around $450 after the launch of the new flagship. The Galaxy S5 retails at around $700.

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