Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a device that finally proved that the success of the Galaxy S models that came into the market prior to it was not a fluke.

Instead, it cemented Samsung’s reputation as one of the top smartphone makers in the world. The Galaxy S4 has also achieved what the Galaxy S3 achieved prior to it – break new records in the smartphone segment. This is also because the Galaxy S4 continued with the innovation streak by coming out with several new features whereas the likes of the iPhone appear to be stagnant.


The Galaxy S3 was a remarkable shift from the Galaxy S2 design. Despite being incredibly popular, the Galaxy S2 was not especially known for its design and the quality of materials. This changed for the better on the Galaxy S3, which the company claimed that was inspired by the pebbles. It features rounded edges that have been given a premium look due to the chrome finish. The back cover of the phone, and indeed several materials, are made from polycarbonate in order to keep the weight low.

This has helped the Galaxy S3 come in at just 133 g. The Galaxy S4 is different only in the edges where it features square shapes rather than the rounded edges of the Galaxy S3. It is even lighter than the predecessor at 130 g.

Remarkable Improvement in Screen

The Galaxy S3 was one of the last devices to feature a 720p display at the top end of the smartphone segment. This is because the flagship devices from Samsung starting with the Galaxy S4 offered a full HD displays as standard. Despite increasing the screen size from 4.8 inches in the Galaxy S3 to 5 inches, the Galaxy S4 is capable of offering up to 441 PPI in pixel density. The use of the Super AMOLED technology continues in the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S3.

They not only provide the uniqueness in a crowd of phones that use the IPS panel, but they also provide incredible contrast ratios as well.

Processing Speed

The Galaxy S3 was one of the fastest phones of its time due to a quad core processor that was rated at 1.4 GHz. However, subsequent versions of the android operating system have been demanding more power in order to accommodate the aspects like Google Project Butter. The introduction of several new projects like these also demanded more from the RAM. This is because android has been supporting multitasking in a big way in the last few versions. The Galaxy S3 loses out in this regard due to its 1 GB of RAM.

The Galaxy S4 gets a 2 GB RAM and a very powerful octa core processor rated at 2.8 GHz. In order to accommodate this more powerful processor, the phone also a much better 2600 mAh battery compared to the 2100 mAh unit on the Galaxy S3.

Almost at the end of its cycle, the Galaxy S3 is available at $ 300 while the Galaxy S4 is available at $ 430.

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