Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – Pricing and Specifications Compared

The smartphone industry was totally different only a couple of years ago and it is not surprising to know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best selling models of 2012.

The product came out was the flagship device of Samsung in this period. It was eventually replaced by the Galaxy S4 just under 12 months later. The predecessor gave a number of new features into the segment, which have been expanded in the Galaxy S4.


There is much to separate the two phones in terms of design because the two approached different philosophies as to how the shape should be determined. Due to the difference, the Galaxy S3 is more of a rounded model at the edges, while the Galaxy S4 is much sharper. The Galaxy S4 is also slightly bigger than the predecessor and this is largely because of the slightly larger display size.

The Galaxy S4 also feels like a more premium device in the hands due to the leather used on the back cover. Even though this is not original leather, it does a good job of not only making the quality of the phone look much better, but also improving handling as well. For a device as large as the Galaxy S4, it needs to be handled properly, in order to prevent accidental dropping.


The Galaxy S3 came with a 4.8 inch display that became one of the first in the segment to feature a 720p resolution. This was a substantial improvement over the Galaxy S2 and other devices that were sold prior to it. The Galaxy S4, though, manages to improve on this aspect even further by providing a full HD resolution on its 5 inch display. The marginal increase in the display size coupled with a dramatic increase in resolution result in the Galaxy S4 pictures being much sharper than ever before.


Processing speed is an important factor in any high-end smartphone and the Galaxy S3 once again set the benchmark by providing a quad core processor that was rated at 1.6 GHz. This, coupled with a 1 GB of RAM meant that the phone was able to handle a lot of applications at once. It was not surprising to see this phone top the benchmark results quite comfortably. As with every subsequent flagship, the Galaxy S4 has improved in this regard too. It provided twice the amount of cores – eight – in the processor department.

It also provided 2 GB of RAM. Where the Galaxy S3 stumbled due to the power hungry TouchWiz user interface, the Galaxy S4 was able to continue running multitasking at its best, due to this increase in RAM. The 2 GB of RAM has been the benchmark in the industry nowadays and the Galaxy S4 is the phone that started it.


Since the Galaxy S3 now almost 2 years old, it is available in the market for around $ 350 for the 16 GB variant. The Galaxy S4 was also recently replaced as the flagship and it currently retails at around $ 450.

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