Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy Note series can take pride in creating a segment that never really seemed to exist before.

The enormous success of the larger phones from Samsung led them into the market for the ‘phablet’. Apart from being the link between a tablet and a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also offers much more. Since its launch in September 2013, it has gone on to become one of the best selling models for the company. It is, however, set to be replaced by the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the next few months.

Introduction of Premium Features

The Samsung phones have been known for a lot of things, including a large touch screen display but quality has never been one of them. This is because against the likes of Apple and HTC phones, the polycarbonate usage throughout the device has rendered a feeling of plastic to the device. This has changed somewhat on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as the device comes with an artificial leather design for the back cover.

It is just an overlay over the regular polycarbonate that has been featured in several high end smartphones from the company, but it certainly makes an effort to hide the plastic. This is expected to be retained in the Galaxy Note 4 after this feature was seen in several smartphones.

Screen Does Not Stop Increasing

The most spoken about aspect of the Galaxy Note 3 has been its touchscreen display, which is a gorgeous 5.7 inch unit that offers a full HD resolution. It may offer a full HD resolution like in several high end smartphones, but it offers a slightly lower pixel density due to the large display. This is expected to be one of the features that will be corrected in the Galaxy Note 4. Rather than reducing the display size, which is the usp of the phone, Samsung isl ooking to introduce the 4K displays.

The company has already unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, which will feature a QHD display. The Galaxy S5 Prime, though, has not got the required attention and it is only through the Galaxy Note 4 that this technology will become popular.


The Galaxy Note 3 is offered in two different variants depending upon the location of purchase. It is either available with a snapdragon 800 processor, which is a quad core unit, or an octa core Exynos unit. Either way, the process of running the android 4.4 operating system is entrusted in the hands of a very powerful unit. The Galaxy Note 4, though, is likely to be running on the snapdragon processor that will feature 64-bit support for the first time.


A phone as large as the Galaxy Note 3 requires a very large battery in order to provide good battery life. The device comes with the 3200 mAh unit, one of the largest on a mobile phone, while it is expected to be slightly improved on the Galaxy Note 4.

The Galaxy Note 4 should retail at around the same $ 600 price as the Galaxy Note 3 when it is launched in September.

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