Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Analyzing Specs, Features and Pricing

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Considering the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be launched sometime in September 2014, you might be wondering whether it is still worth it to pick up the Note 3, as the price might come down.

The Note 3 from Samsung takes its range of tablets to a higher level with greater support in handwriting recognition. The display has also improved to a bigger 5.7 inches and an increased ppi of 386. The Note 4 is supposed to come with a UHD resolution and the screen size is also expected to be more at 6 inches, with about 800 ppi, double that of the average smartphones today. It is also expected that the camera of the Note 4 will have 4K recording features.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a large device and has dimensions of 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm. However, the Note 4 comes with greater protection in the form of proofing against water and dust. The Note 3 is powered by the Qualcomm processor and has a quad core of 2.3 GHz. It is a very fast device with a RAM of 3 GB and is capable of handling various apps at the same time. However, with the advent of the 64 bit processors in the iPhones, it is expected that the Note 4 will be the first Samsung phone with a 64-bit processor. The Note 3 offers excellent features for handwriting recognition, but the Note 4 is supposed to go one step further, enabling such features from the lock screen.

Design and Display

However, Note 3 doesn’t look very attractive whereas the Note 4 is supposed to have a newer design, being resistant to both dust and water, along with a certification and a trimmer, slimmer and lighter design. The display size of the Note 4 may not be much bigger, but the display technology might be better with the use of the Graphene technology. It might have a screen size of 5 inches to 5.5 inches, but will have improvements in the ppi and in the clarity.

Camera/Battery Comparison

The S5 has seen great improvements in the camera technology and this will most probably be present in the Note 4 as well, making it an improved version of the S5 camera and naturally superior to the camera of the Note 3. There is no information about the battery storage of Note 4, but it is surely expected that it will be an upgrade from the present Note 3.

Hardware Specs

The hardware specifications of the Note 4 are sure to be superior to those of the Note 3, as Samsung never goes backward in such capabilities. It is most likely that the new Note 4 will have a RAM of 4 GB with an improved 801 Snapdragon Quad Core CPU.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is surely going to be a great device. The Note 3 is also a very good buy, so if you don’t feel like waiting for the new device, you can go ahead and pick the Note 3. However, the Note 4 is sure to be released sometime in September or in October 2014, so you can get a great deal, this being the time followed by Black Friday. For those considering the price factor, it would be better to wait, as the Note 3 price is sure to take a fall after the release of the Note 4, so it would seem that waiting is a smarter option. However, it goes without saying that all the features and aspects of the Note 3 are surely going to be upgraded with a new type of display being the most exciting one.

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