Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – Price, Features and Specs

Samsung is attempting to make a combination of a high-end camera with a smartphone in K Zoom. K Zoom belongs to the super camera smartphone market and is the successor to the S4 Zoom. There are several similarities in the design, the chassis and the innards with the S5 as well.


The K Zoom has a typical Samsung design, being rubberized, easy to grip and very sleek. However, it is 20.2 mm thick, which is more than the average smartphone. Yet, the phone manages to fit in a 10x optical zoom; so you need to make some sacrifice. The battery, however, is smaller than other flagship phones, at 2430 mAh. The phone weighs merely 200g. The screen is a 4.8 inches one with a full HD resolution of 1200 x 720 pixels.


This is the main element of the K Zoom. The device has a camera of 20.7 MP, with CMOS sensor for back illuminating. It is large and can absorb more number of photons, being one of the best cameras you can keep in your pocket. There are many features offering automation facilities. For instance, the Pro Suggest makes an assessment of the scene. It is capable of selecting filters and modes. There are also several scenic options, such as Fireworks, Waterfall, Snow, etc. You can split the auto exposure or the auto focus and zoom the scene in a specific area, raise and lower the exposure by means of tapping the phone in another area.

With a bit of experimentation, you can make changes to shot composition, silhouettes and so on. You can also take automatic selfies. Instead of a front sensor offering wide angles, you can select the spot on the screen and turn the main lens towards oneself. Setting the camera to the 10x zoom is also a cool feature, done just by pinching the screen. The picture quality is great, with Burst mode and xenon flash as well as regular shots coming out very well. The camera interface is great, but it doesn’t allow recording of 4K.

Interface and Features

S Health Lite is an important feature along with a Kids Mode. Storage is a big problem, as it has only 8 GB. Out of this, you might probably lose 2 GB for the system requirements. If you are using the K Zoom for photography purposes alone, the 6GB left over is quite enough. However, it may not be enough for various apps and music. The microSD slot offers an expandable storage up to 64 GB. The processor is good with a hexa-core CPU, 1.3 GHz quad-core and a 1.7 GHz dual core option. The user interface is decent, with a bright and vivid screen and TouchWiz UI has been upgraded. The RAM of 2GB is good enough.

It is difficult to categorize the Samsung K Zoom. However, it has a good camera and offers good quality pictures. The design is excellent, better than the S4 Zoom. It is sleek and also light for use as a smartphone. However, the screen resolution is a little low. The internal memory as well as the battery also has a small capacity. The price of the K Zoom at around $720 is also a little expensive. The phone is great as a camera for a night out with friends as well as for the average smartphone user. In short, it is a camera cum smartphone hybrid. Users can effortlessly capture important moments of their everyday life with clarity and ease. The company has introduced the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom as an upgrade to the S4 Zoom released last year.

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