Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – Analyzing Features, Specs and Price

Samsung has attempted to bring about a combination of a phone and a high-end camera with the Galaxy K Zoom and falls in the super camera and super phone market, and it can be termed to be the successor to the S4 Zoom. It has a sleek chassis and powerful interiors. Due to the increasing popularity of mobile photography, Samsung has brought in this camera phone providing a similar quality and the experience one would get in a dedicated camera.


The design of the K Zoom is very typical of Samsung, with rubberized back and it is quite big, though sleek. The phone camera is a little thick compared to recent smartphones, but Samsung brings in a 10x Optical zoom. Yet, the battery is much smaller in this phone at 2430 mAh. It is a light phone weighing 200g with a Super AMOLED HD screen resolution of 1299 x 720 pixels and a display size of 4.8 inches.


This is the main feature of this phone and it has a camera of 20.7 MP with CMOS sensor and is indeed an excellent camera, though it cannot compete with a DSLR. It comes with Optical Image Stabilization feature and support for capturing videos of 1080p at 60 frames per second along with xenon flash. The lens system is a retractable one and it offers support for 10x optical zoom.

There are many automatic features, such as the Pro Suggest, which is capable of assessing a scene and then select an appropriate mode or filter for it. There are also several scene options, such as Snow, Fireworks, Waterfall and several others. The average user might find it a big confusing. You can also split up the auto exposure or the focus, that is, you zoom in on certain preferred areas and then make changes to the exposure for other areas by tapping on the screen. Users can also save customized configurations and even share it online. Another interesting feature is the live tracking of an object, as the focus of the camera adjusts itself while tracking a moving object.

It may take some time getting used to taking photographs, but you can create very impressive effects on the image, specifically silhouettes. The K Zoom is also capable of taking automatic selfies with the Selfie Alarm in the rear camera and you can also select the position on the screen, instead of using the wide-angle sensor in the front of the camera.

Excellent Auto/Manual Mode

Samsung seems to be targeting the user who would like to take pictures in the auto mode. Pinching the screen lets you set the zoom but again, this might take some time getting used to. There is also a button to do this and the picture quality is good, with several modes like Xenon flash and burst modes as well as the regular shots. In the Manual mode, you can make changes to the Exposure and the ISO and other options. It is full of features that have adjustable settings, which advanced users will love.

The camera of the K Zoom is powerful, and everything can be viewed in a grid form and you can drag them to the quick launch bar as well. However, the camera doesn’t enable 4K recording. The Pro Suggest feature enables downloading of several themes from the store and you can pick some really hilarious ones.


The phone is an ideal one for a photography hobbyist, who has left his DSLR at home. The best part of the device is its camera, the quality of the pictures and the simplicity of running the camera on the device. The only reason for buying this phone would be the camera.

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