Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo vs Grand Duos – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

The Galaxy Grand Duos from Samsung is one of the first phones to start the trend of offering a very large display even in the mid-range smartphone segment.

Despite being priced at around half the value of a Samsung flagship model, this phone was able to provide a 5-inch display. It has later become the norm for several phones from the Korean giant. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo is one of the latest models to hit the market after having been launched only a few months ago.


Samsung has made few changes to the design of its smartphones in the last few years and this trend has continued with the Galaxy Grand Duos and the Galaxy Grand Neo. Apart from the slimmer bezel, there is little difference between the two phones in terms of design. They feature the same physical button in the center of the device (just below the display) that will be used to access the home. It is flanked by two touch sensitive buttons that can be used to control various aspects of the phone.

Incredibly Large Display

The Samsung Galaxy S5 currently has the biggest screen size within the Samsung line-up if the ‘phablet’ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is taken out of the equation. The Galaxy S5 is also the flagship of the company and it comes with a 5.1 inch display. However, the Galaxy Grand Duos comes with a 5 inch display, while the Galaxy Grand Neo provides a 5.01 inch interface for the user. Even though the resolution that they both employ (480 by 800 pixels) is far lower than that of the Galaxy S5, the mere presence of large touch screen display overcomes this aspect.

Wide Range of Connectivity Options

Samsung has provided the Galaxy Grand Neo with a range of connectivity options like the Wi-Fi direct, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and micro-USB. The 3G connectivity in the phone can support a maximum of 21 MB second as far as download speeds are concerned. Upload speeds of up to 5.76 Mb per second are supported by the phone. These figures are identical to that of the Galaxy Grand Duos, which only misses out on the Wi-Fi direct feature in terms of connectivity. A whole host of customary Samsung connectivity options like S-beam also make the phones extremely competitive in this regard.


The Galaxy Grand Duos comes with an eight megapixel camera that is surrounded by a lot of options like full HD video recording, touch focus, LED flash, and image stabilization. Further, the video recording mode will support stereo sound recording as well. This phone is comprehensive in terms of the camera specifications, which may not be the case with the Galaxy Grand Neo. It comes with a five megapixel camera that only has autofocus, LED flash, and 720p video recording as the sole features.

In the unlocked version, the Galaxy Grand Neo carries a price tag of $ 235 for the 8 GB version. The Galaxy Grand Duos is available at around $ 250 for a similar variant.

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