Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos vs Samsung Galaxy Core Advance – Specifications and Pricing Compared

The mid-range smartphone segment has seen an influx of phones that support dual SIM cards.

Such phones have become incredibly popular in emerging markets like China and India. They have also spread to other countries, as manufacturers have seen the obvious advantages of having such phones as an option. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is one of the first phones to start this trend.

Not only did it come with the ability to support dual SIM cards, but it also provided a large touch screen display as well. The Samsung Galaxy Core Advance is a phone that enhances this philosophy even further.


Samsung’s core philosophy with these two phones appears to have been a functionality and features, but that does not mean the likes of design and materials used does not get any attention. Samsung’s quality has substantially improved in the last few years and the Galaxy Core Advance is a testament to this fact. The device features for more quality materials. The Galaxy Grand Duos may not be in the same league as the Galaxy Core Advance when it comes to quality, but it is substantially better than the previous generation phones from Samsung.


The major talking point of both these phones is available at touchscreen display which could quite possibly compete against the high-end smartphones in terms of size alone. TheGalaxy Grand Duos comes with a 5 inch display while the Galaxy Core Advance offers a 4.7 inch unit. Both these displays are not excellent in terms of resolution, but the large size that they offer more than makes up for it. It is also because of the size of the display that these are extremely capable multimedia devices. They both offer the same 800 x 480 pixels of resolution.


The multimedia feature of both these devices is also enhanced by the internal memory offered in them. Even though they feature only 8-GB of internal memory, the two phones support external memory cards like most other Samsung phones. It is possible to enhance the memory to a maximum of 64-GB using this feature. Even with this large amount of memory, the phone will have no trouble accessing them due to the powerful dual core processors. The Galaxy Grand Duos has the additional GPU in order to enhance its multimedia reputation.


The eight megapixel camera phone on the Galaxy Grand Duos certainly offers a premium feel to the pictures, while the five megapixel unit on the Galaxy Core Advance does what is expected of it. It is certainly a no-frills camera, which cannot compete with the unit on the Galaxy Grand Duos. Still, it comes with features like autofocus and LED flash. The front facing unit is only a VGA camera, while the Galaxy Grand Duos uses a two megapixel unit.

The Galaxy Grand Duos is also capable of full HD video recording.

The Galaxy Grand Duos is priced at around $240 for the unlocked version with the Galaxy Core Advance yet to be available in the market.

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