Return Of Flappy Bird – Free Download On App Store In August

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Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, has announced that the game will return to the App Store in August 2014. According to the developer, the new version of the game will be in the multiplayer mode and less addictive.

Removed from App Stores

Flappy Bird was suddenly pulled out from the App Store in February 2014. This was done after its sudden and phenomenal popularity in January of this year. The reason given was that he was not too comfortable with the attention received. He was also quoted as saying that he wanted some peace. The game was said to have been earning $50,000 every day by way of in app advertisements.

During an interview in March, Nguyen stated that he was overwhelmed by the attention from the game. He was also receiving many messages from players and parents regarding the addictiveness of the game. Parents had been complaining that the children of the world were being distracted due to this game. Even in his youth, Nguyen accepted that he had trouble due to addiction towards video games. He, therefore, felt guilty about creating an addictive product and removed it.

After Flappy Bird was removed from the app stores, there were hundreds of similar apps flooding the stores. Developers tried to create clones in order to get a part of the successful formula. In fact, one-third of the games released shortly after Flappy Bird was removed, were influenced by it.

A Gimmick?

Many people viewed the whole thing as a gimmick or a publicity stunt. Thousands of players started frantically downloading the game upon hearing the news. Others felt that Nguyen was a simple person who did not like all this attention. They believed that he preferred peace and quiet rather than the money. However, Nguyen has not given up the fame or the fortune totally. He has merely deleted or removed one game that was causing trouble from the app store. He left all of his other games online, such as Shuriken Block. He also continued to receive revenue from the installed copies of the Flappy Bird game.

Return of the Original

Now that it has been a few months since the removal of the original Flappy Bird, the clones have somewhat reduced. Fans will be glad to welcome their favorite game again. According to Dong Nguyen, it is very easy to replicate this game, as it is very simple. However, it is not possible to make it as appealing as the original. The new version of the game is supposed to be a multiplayer game and it is also supposed to be less addictive.

Will it Top the Charts?

However, the mobile gaming market is a restless one. Players might be fed up of flying a bird or a thing through other obstacles. On the other hand, Flappy Bird was a phenomenon of its time. It is possible that the renewed version will also be able to top the charts again. It is impossible to predict whether gamers will once more appoint this game as their golden god again. Kings usually reign for a very short time in the mobile world. Of course, there are exceptions like Angry Birds and Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga. There is no argument against bringing the game back again. This is because it fetched an unimaginable amount of money for an individual creator or developer or a hobbyist. He is sure to make whatever money he invests in tweaking the game. Adding some new content to the game will surely not be too expensive, as it is a simple gameplay.

It is not known whether the new version of Flappy Bird will merely be an update or a completely new download. Let us hope that the return of the Flappy Bird goes as well as the original one.

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