PS4 vs Xbox One Specs Comparison – Best Console 2014

PS4 vs Xbox One – Classic Comparison of Home Entertainment vs Gaming Experience

Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are two of the latest game consoles from the two giants. The Xbox One is priced at around US$500 with the PS4 at about $400. However, the price of the Xbox One includes the Kinect sensor, whereas the PlayStation camera is not included in the PS4 price, when actually the camera is needed for several functionalities. The Xbox One has bigger dimensions measuring 13.5 x 10.4 x 3.2 inches with a lot of vents, whereas the PS4 is more cabinet friendly with 10.8 x 12 x 2 inches and weighing 2.75 kg compared to the 3.56 of the Xbox One.

Hardware Comparison and Specifications

Both the PS4 and the Xbox One have almost similar hardware specs, especially with respect to the CPY and the GPU. The PS4 and the Xbox One make use of the AMD chipmaker, using the SoC combining the GPU with the CPU.

Both the consoles use a processor of x86 64-bit Chip with an 8 Jaguar Core. The clock speed of both the consoles is 1.6 GHz. Though both the consoles seem to have the same power, the PS4 is the more powerful gaming console having 1152 cores, when compared to the 768 cores of the Xbox One. The PS4 also has a higher TFLOPS of 1.84 as against the 1.23 TFLOPS in case of the Xbox One.

The RAM in both the devices is the same 8GB, but the GDDR5 memory used in the PS4 is faster than the GDDR3 used in the Xbox One, but the eSRAM present in the memory offers 32MB cache used by the developers, creating a supercomputer.


As far as storage is concerned, both the gaming consoles have a hard drive of 500 GB, but not all of this space is available to the user, as the system software uses up some space. Regarding the optical drive, the standard Blu ray/DVD is used in both consoles.

Connectivity Options

Both the consoles have similar connectivity options of Wi-Fi and Ethernet a well as optical output along with a USB 3.0, with the PS4 having an additional Bluetooth 2.1 not present tin the Xbox One. Both the consoles have HDMI supporting 4K output, with an additional HDMI in port in the Xbox One for throughput.

Controller Specs and Comparison

The controllers in the Xbox One is the same as the previous versions, with some subtle modifications, including the D pad that has been redesigned and the thumb stick, along with an Impulse Triggers that give improved feedback. The controller present in the PS4, the DualShock 4, is different from that present in the previous PS3, as it includes a Move for motion control, which is integrated in the console along with a track pad.


Both the consoles offer plenty of features, with a lot of entertaining features other than just gameplay. The Xbox One needs Internet connectivity for playing and it must be validated after every 24 hours and not a continuous connection. However, the latest update is that Microsoft says that there is no need for Internet connectivity to play the game offline. It needs the Internet for setting up the system the first time and you can then play any disc game offline.


The PS4 has games, such as the Blacklight Retribution, the Finan Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn; Daylight and several others. As for the Xbox One, there are games like Below, Crimson Dragon, D4, Dead Rising 3, Halo, and Killer Instinct. In addition, there are some games common in both the consoles, like The Crew, Destiny, Dragon Age Inquisition, and several others.

The specs in the PS4 are excellent and make for much faster graphics when compared to the Xbox One, especially due to the superiority of the system memory in the PS4.

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