PlayStation 4 Is All Set To Launch in China

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The console war is now heading towards Asia as Microsoft and Sony gears up to bring their consoles to countries in the Asian continent.

Sony has confirmed in their official press statement that their PlayStation 4 console is all set to arrive in China. The company is teaming up with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development to make this possible but there is no official release date. The information got leaked through the statement filed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange but it is quite vague at the moment.

After having officially established their stand in major consumer bases including U.S. and UK, Microsoft and Sony is now busy focusing on the emerging markets. China and Japan are the most hyped markets of all because of the huge user base available in these countries. The statement reveals Sony will sell PlayStation products but it did not reveal the exact ones. Users assume that it could be none other than the PS4 console because any other product, be it PS Vita or PS3 doesn’t make sense.

No Official Announcement Yet

Sony is yet to make an official announcement regarding this speculation which is more or less confirmed because a popular technology website has managed to grab hold of the statement. It was written in the Chinese language which made it a bit difficult to decipher the content stored within. According to the official translation, it is known that both the companies were about to set on a joint venture which will promote high quality, healthy games in the country.

When compared to the west, China has strict regulation policies and the government bans anything that can be considered offensive to the government. They have blocked plenty of Google search keywords on this basis. If Sony is looking to make a mark, they should abide by the country’s national conditions, government policies and the preferences specified by domestic players.

Recently, the Chinese government has lifted the ban on foreign companies selling their consoles. For almost a decade the PS3 and PS2 was sold illegally in the country but now Sony will have the opportunity to sell it officially. Meanwhile, Microsoft is not far behind. The company has already teamed up with BesTV, an entertainment service provider in the country. They will be jointly launching the Xbox One console in the month of September, 2014. The competition will be stiff for these players because Nintendo is already gearing up to come up with an entirely new console for the emerging markets while there’s something called Fun Box from ZTE which is all set to launch in China shortly. The console generation is still in its early phase and a conclusion cannot be arrived at this point with little games available on either of them. One has to wait at least till the end of 2015 to assess the type of games that PS4 and Xbox One gets to conclude who’s leading the race but anything could happen in the long run. Wait for an official word from Sony soon.

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