Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare – The Best Game Modes to Try on Release Date

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The comical yet addictive title Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is all set to be released on PC.

The game developers have confirmed a release date on June 24 which is only a month to go. The game has already been released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. Overall, it has received positive reviews so far and it is going on a good run. The team behind the title, Electronic Arts and PopCap games believe that it will have a better run on the PC platform which is the forte for third person shooters such as Team Fortress 2. With the release date so close, we explore the most addictive and interesting game modes found in the game.

Garden Ops

The game mode features full co-operative game play elements which allow four players to take control of a plant of their desired class and defend a garden. They will be bombarded by waves of zombies and the team should withstand till wave 10 before being declared a winner. To add difficulty to these waves, there will be a boss wave at 5th and 10th which has to be successfully defended. It is quite difficult unless the team works together which promotes this as the best co-operative mission available. It is similar to the mode seen in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode but unlike in COD which is infinite, this one has only ten waves to be fought against.

Gardens and Graveyards

The goal will be varied in this mode; players can choose to be either a zombie or a plant based on their preference. The objectives and goals will be varied from one map to another. It is quite similar to the Rush and Conquest modes found in Battlefield 4. As the game is being produced by EA, it does have a lot of similarities to their BF franchise but has been tweaked at key areas to make sure Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is a relatively new experience.

Gnome Bomb and Mixed Mode

As the name suggests, a bomb will be strapped to a Gnome and it is up to the players to secure it. They should use it to blow up various points in the map to win the round. It is another similarity found between Battlefield 4 and PvZ. It resembles the obliteration mode found in BF series. The mixed mode will have all the elements in it including rush, obliteration, and conquest among others.

The game is designed around the EA theme but with PopCap games in the development wing, it is definitely not a sharp change into the Battlefield arena. There is also a Team Vanquish mode which is the same as a Team Deathmatch found in every other FPS multi-player match. Players are expected to simply shoot everything that moves except their teammates to score points and the one with the most points will win the round. Once the game lands on PC, there could be new modes added to it which is unconfirmed at the moment.

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