Nokia X vs Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

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The budget smartphone war just got hotter after the launch of the Nokia X, which is a device that intends to take the android operating system to the masses.

The legendary durability from Nokia is provided along with the incredible app ecosystem of the android operating system. This appears to be a match made in heaven, but the phone does face competition from established android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. This is the second generation of the dual SIM Galaxy smartphones from Samsung.


Even though both phones are in the budget smartphone segment, they do not skimp on the features and do not make the phones look of a lower standard. Instead, they have provided premium quality materials, especially the Nokia phone, in order to provide a sturdy feel. The Nokia X is slightly more bulky to look at, while the rounded edges of the Galaxy S Duos 2 make it feel less bulky. Due to the usage of plastic materials, the Samsung is considerably less heavy than the Nokia X at just 118 g.

This is a figure that will be able to challenge most high-end smartphones.


The Nokia X appears to be determined to provide qualitative user even at this price and this is once again proved by the use of the IPS panel for the 4 inch touch screen display. This is the panel that is trusted by the likes of Apple and HTC for their higher end smartphones. The presence of this panel ensures that the display is much more vibrant than the Galaxy S Duos 2, which also features a screen of the same size. Since the resolution of both devices is 480 x 800 pixels, they provide the same detail.

It may not be able to challenge the higher end phones, but they offer enough resolution to mask the pixels.


The Galaxy S Duos 2 gets ahead in front on this regard due to a five megapixel camera, which is marginally better than the 3.15 megapixel unit of the Nokia X. Apart from disappointing on the megapixel count, the Nokia also loses out in terms of features like autofocus and LED flash. However, it manages to come in front due to a larger sensor, which enables to overcome the lack of flash. The Galaxy S Duos 2 is capable of 720p video recording whereas the Nokia X can do only 480p videos.


This is an area where both phones are extremely difficult to separate. However, in terms of user interface, Samsung comes out in front since it is featuring a familiar TouchWiz user interface. It is similar to the one many Samsung users will be accustomed, while the Nokia uses an open source version of the android that may be difficult at first.

At just $ 140, the Nokia X is one of the cheapest smartphones available today. The Samsung is slightly pricier at $ 155 for a similar factory unlocked version.

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