Nokia X vs Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 – Prices and Specification Comparison

Offering smartphone features at the entry-level segment is always a challenge, but it is something that Samsung has mastered over the last few years after the company became the unofficial flag bearer of the android operating system.

This was the primary selling point of the Samsung phones, but Nokia has come with its offering in this segment, Nokia X. This comes as a major surprise considering that Nokia appeared to have ditched every other option for the Windows OS.

User Interface

The user interface of the Nokia X is unlike any other android phone that you may have encountered up until now. This is because the device uses the free and open source version of the operating system from Google. This allows it to still retain its close ties with Microsoft, which has been paying a lot of money in order for Nokia to run the phones with Windows OS. However, the use of this OS has allowed Nokia to provide users with the access to the Android’s ecosystem of apps, which is one of the largest in the world.

Samsung, on the other hand, provides the android user interface that has become a standard feature of the phones from the Korean company. It uses the familiar TouchWiz user interface, which introduced several handy features to the Android OS, which have now become a standard. The device may have only 512 MB of RAM, but Samsung appears to have optimized the device in such a way that it will be still capable of running without many glitches.

Powerful Processor

It largely seems to be the work of the powerful processor present in the device, which is a dual core 1.2 GHz unit. This is slightly better than the dual core 1 GHz offering from Nokia X, but the Nokia device certainly can boast of a processor from the QUALCOMM snapdragon range. The Finnish company also uses the Adreno GPU, which is often found on high-end smartphones.

Internal Memory

Internal memory is not great in both phones when they are compared with their higher end cousins, but for this segment, the 4 GB internal memory provided by the Samsung and Nokia should be more than sufficient. The support to external memory card of up to 64 GB and 32 GB respectively mean that there should also be no troubles when it comes to supporting additional memory in the future. Given the way memory card prices have been dropping in recent years, it would not be expensive to upgrade the memory of the two devices.


Both the Samsung and the Nokia utilize a 4-inch touch screen display, which is probably one of the first times it is making its debut in this segment. Offering a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, this is more than good enough for providing a lot of detail within the device.

The Samsung is slightly better than the Nokia in the camera aspects due to its five megapixel camera compared to the 3.15 megapixel unit.

The Nokia X is available for just $ 145 – an incredible deal, while the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 retails at around $ 150.

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