Nexus 6 – 5 More Powerful Features That iPhone 6

Google’s Nexus brand has gained a lot of popularity since its first version of smartphones. Google competes with big phone producers, such as Apple or Samsung and we think that the new Nexus 6 might beat the iPhone 6 if it will come with some nice new features such as:

A longer lasting life battery

The new technology of smartphones are coming with high CPUs which “eat” our batteries if we use internet applications, GPS or playing games, and we all know how fast that battery goes away.
If Nexus 6 will come with a better battery, it will have a big chance to steal some Apple or Samsung fans.

Great camera

A weak feature that the old Nexus 5 has is the camera and even most of the Android phones have this weak feature, but we hope Google will focus on working more on the upcoming Nexus 6 camera, to bring a new shiny and better one.

Great audio features

Some phones such as HTC One or HTC One M8 came with a nice audio feature that still remains one of those most great audio offerings.
Even if Google Play Music is doing pretty well, they need to work on Nexus 6’s audio hardware in order to match with its Android and iOS foes.

Higher internal memory

Even if smarthphones are mainly used for communication, most of us use them for playing games, watching movies, listening to music etc., and for that we need a high memory.
We’re sure a lot of smarthphone users would like to see the upcoming Nexus 6 with a 32 GB or even a 64GB variant of internal memory.

There is no release date yet for the Nexus 6.

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