Nexus 4 vs Nexus 5 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

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Google has shown with its Nexus range of phones that it can certainly compete with the likes of Samsung and HTC, which use its software for their own benefit.

The Android operating system is now the popular choice for smartphone users across a wide range of the spectrum. One of the best phones to experience this is the nexus device, which will always be the first devices to receive the latest android updates. The Nexus 4 was Google’s flagship device of 2012 and it has just moved aside for the Nexus 5 to occupy its place.


Design wise, these two phones are very similar and they offer excellent quality. This is surprising considering that the Nexus devices have not always been at the top of the smartphone segment in terms of pricing. They have been positioned very aggressively in the market, but it does not mean that the company has compromised on the quality aspects. Both devices feel extremely good to hold and this is due to the use of high-quality materials. There is almost no rattle or noises to speak about in normal usage.


The 4.7 inch display on the Nexus 4 featured a resolution of 768 x 1280 pixels. This was certainly not the best in the category and Google appears to have realized this. They have given the Nexus 5 a 4.95 inch display that offers a full HD resolution. There is a substantial increase in the amount of pixels that can be packed within the screen. This makes the display extremely sharp, while the color reproduction is also excellent due to the use of the latest IPS panels. The Nexus 5 uses the latest version of the gorilla glass to protect the display.


Memory has been substantially reworked on the Nexus 5, with the latest device featuring a 16 GB or 32 GB internal memory option. This is a marked improvement over the minimum 8 GB memory present in the Nexus 4. Due to the lack of external memory card support, this will be a crucial aspect in making the decision.


Offering a camera with eight megapixels has made the Nexus 4 one of the top dogs in this regard. It has just been made better by the introduction of several features on the Nexus 5, although it retains the same megapixel count as before. Features like optical image stabilization, dual recording, and HDR modes have been added to the Nexus 5 camera. Recent updates to the operating system have also provided this camera with much faster ability to take photos.

Previously, the camera was an issue especially in the HDR mode, as the phone struggled to cope with the high amount of detail. This has been corrected in the form of a 4.4.2 update to the android operating system.

Battery and Price

Due to the slight increase in screen size, the Nexus 5 comes with a slightly bigger 2300 mAh battery, as compared to the 2100 mAh on the Nexus 4. The former is available in the markets for $400 while the Nexus 4 is priced at just around $290.

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