Natural Cure for Dark lips

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The high level of nicotine cigarettes contain is the main ingredient responsible for staining or darkening of lips when you smoke.

Apart from smoking, there are several other causes. Some of the common causes include high exposure to the sun’s UV rays, allergies and taking too much coffee or tea. However, cigarette smokers exhibit some of the worst cases of darkened lips.

You can Cure the dark lips due smoking by these natural steps. These involve the use of purely natural ingredients hence you do not have to worry about harmful side effects, or allergies.

Quit Smoking

The first step is to eliminate the root cause of dark lips. The remedies listed here can help you reduce the effect smoking has on your lips, however quitting the habit ensures that your lips maintain their natural colour and look.

Rubbing Berries On your lips

Berries contain essential vitamins that can help restore your lips to a health and vibrant look. Raspberries and strawberries are the best. You can apply juice from the berries on your lips and leave it there for five minutes after which you can rinse off and apply lip balm. Repeat this regularly in order to achieve the best results.

Use Fresh Lemon Juice

Massaging fresh lemon juice on lips every night just before sleep is an effective remedy commonly used to treat dark spots on the skin. The lime bleaches your skin to remove the dark spots. It is therefore and effective remedy for smokers looking to get rid of dark patches on their lips.

Apply Honey

Honey can be used along with other ingredients like Raspberries to create a mixture that will effectively reduce the dark patches on your lips. The honey helps by exfoliating dark skin from your lips leaving it with fresh cells hence the natural look.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly helps keep your lips moistened and prevents them from the drying effect brought about by the heat during smoking. It also adds a layer that protects your skin. You can use petroleum jelly along with other ingredients to create a balm like substance that you use on your lips. Some of the ingredients you can mix in your petroleum jelly include, Pomegranate juice, and honey.

Use Oils to keep your lips moisturized

Mustard, tea tree and olive oil are great oils that you can apply on your lips. Clove and olive oil are the best to use since they do not have any harmful effects.


You can mix glycerin with honey and lime to create a mixture that you can apply on your lips every evening before you do to bed. The power that the three ingredients have is able to exfoliate, bleach and moisturize your lips.


Beetroot acts as natural bleach that effectively removes stains. You can rub freshly cut beetroot slices on your lips or apply the juice to lighten them.

Almond oil

Keep your lips moisturized throughout the day by applying almond oil on them. This effectively eliminates black spots on your lips caused by smoking.

Remember, dry lips tend to have a darker colour than they actually are. Always ensure that your lips are well moistened at all time if you wish to eliminate the dark look.

So by following these easy steps, your lips will be well on their way to looking their best.

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