Mozilla Firefox – The Top Features That Make It a Good Browser

When it comes to web browsers, it is important to choose the ones which will allow you to load the pages smoothly and quickly as well.

No one likes to use a browser that is slow because none of us have time to kill. While it might not be the fastest browser that is available, yet Mozilla Firefox is a pretty decent choice at hand.

Have you used this browser before? Are you aware of the top features that it offers? If you are yet to use it and you are skeptical about the kind of performance that it will offer, we will acquaint you with some of the key points.

Easy Customization Options

When you are using a browser, you definitely want it to be customized so that you can have your own personal touch. While using Mozilla Firefox, you will get plenty of different customization options. You can choose to have your own home page(s) and thus every time, you open your browser, you can access these pages.

Further, when it comes to selecting the search engines, you will have a dropdown with various options listed there. It is extremely easy to pick the search engine that you prefer and put it to use. While it may not seem to be extremely striking features, but it does offer a level of easiness which comes in handy in the long run.

Browse Without Leaving a Trail

Yes, there are times when you do not want your mother to know what you have been looking up on the internet. We all have our own secrets which we do not even want to share it with our computers. No problem, Mozilla Firefox understands you. You can choose the option of private browsing which is readily available. When you are browsing incognito, your browsing history is not recorded at all and even when you dad is digging through your browsing history, there will be absolutely no trace of your browsing activities. Sounds cool?

Firefox Add-Ons

Well, most of the above features are readily available on other browsers too. However, when it comes to the add-ons that you can use when you are using Mozilla Firefox, you will find plenty of diverse choices. Feel free to keep an eye on these diverse choices and pick the ones which seem to be best for you.

Firefox will offer you a great deal of varied choices and thus you have the privilege of checking out some of the best add-ons that will multiply the type of fun and entertainment which you can have when you are browsing the web. You can use extensibility with extensions. You can install the pop ups, extensions and add-ons right from the pop up bar itself without the need to browse through the details.

Security Protection

If you are using a browser, you want to be sure that the kind of protection which is being offered is perfect and immaculate. The kind of filters and protection mechanism that is in-built in Firefox 3 is praiseworthy and will offer you an extremely strong level of protection.

Whenever you visit sites that contain malicious software, you will have a pop up alerting you about the same.

Improved Downloads

Do you make a lot of downloads? The Firefox download manager is much improved and will allow you to handle your downloads with an increased efficiency. Feel free to explore the different details of the download manager and you are bound to love what Firefox has to offer.

These are some of the top features that make Mozilla Firefox a smart choice for use. No doubt, Chrome looks to have an upper hand, but Mozilla Firefox stands a good chance too.

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