Minecraft Xbox One Will Let You See More Of The Map On Release Date

With every passing day, the release date of Minecraft Xbox One comes closer and even though, Mojang has specified a long six month period within which the release could take place, speculations have been specifying multiple dates.

The online retailer listings claim an August release while some other website says it has been scheduled to be out only in the month of December. The next gen console direly needs some must have titles and without a doubt Minecraft is one among them. The developers of the game 4J studios and the publishers Mojang have started releasing official information with regards to the upcoming features. Here are some of the confirmed ones that should be quite exciting and promises an engaging open world sand box experience when the game launches on the respective platforms.

Draw Distance

One of the biggest differences between the PC version of the game and the console version is the draw distance. In order to make sure the game runs at more frames per second, the developers will usually reduce the draw distance which will decrease the visibility of the map. With the new era of consoles which are more powerful and almost on par with the PC hardware specifications, Minecraft Xbox One is expected to have a great draw distance. The game is all about open world exploration and the view will play an important role in making the player feel immersed into the world.

The hardware configuration of the new console is powerful enough to handle this updated feature which is why it is being introduced. Apart from this, the developers have also confirmed that the title will feature larger map sizes. Earlier, it was speculated to be infinite in size, which is practically impossible. Later, the representatives clarified that the maps will be 36 times bigger than the Xbox 360 version and will allow ample space for players to move around with ease.

Save Transfers

Another important feature that will be made possible with the Minecraft Xbox One is the ability to save maps on the older console and shift it to the new console. This will make sure that players won’t be forced to leave all their creations behind and end up starting things new. Besides, the move has been implemented by Mojang to encourage people to buy the Xbox One version of the game as well as the console rather than sticking to the Xbox 360 version which is now an outdated console.

4J studios continues to provide its support for the older generation console and have released the Title Update 16. A slew of bugs have sprung up after the TU14 got released which is now being fixed by the developers with simultaneous updates. It is believed that all these updates along with the skin, mash up and texture packs will be available for download as soon as Xbox One gets officially released. The wait could be long or short which is unknown at the moment but the title will definitely be worth it.

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