Minecraft Xbox One – Walmart Lists Release Date In December

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According to a latest online listing made by popular retailer Walmart, Minecraft Xbox One has been scheduled for a December 2014 release.

Earlier, another not so well known online retailer Game Seek claimed that it will be launched in the month of August and now Walmart has an entirely different release window. The pricing of the game has been confirmed at $59.99 and this most probably refers to the boxed retail version of the title. In their statement, the retailer has said that it is a general action game which is in pre-order for now and is expected to come out in the month of December.

Retail Edition

There is also speculation that similar to the PS4 retail version, Xbox One will get a boxed one as well for which the pricing has been mentioned at sixty dollars. The publishers Mojang or Microsoft have not confirmed this news so far. It continues to be a rumor till now but more official information from the actual developers is expected shortly. In recent times, retailers have slowly started listing the game that denotes that a release date is definitely close by. Without any official confirmation or inside sources, they may not be doing such things but an actual day is yet to be known. The company simply said that it could be anywhere in the next two quarters which is over six months and some say the digital versions will be launched lot earlier before the retail edition.

Fall Release

With the Xbox 360 version selling over 12 million copies, Minecraft Xbox One definitely has a great future to look forward to. The maximum sales attained by the older gen version of the game on the Microsoft platform has now encouraged Sony to come up with a retail version for PS4, PS Vita version as well as the PS3 edition. Going by this trend, it wouldn’t be surprising if Xbox One gets a retail version too. The development team 4J Studios has officially confirmed in their Twitter feed that they are very busy at the moment working on all the next gen versions including Sony’s handheld console and are planning to release them one by one once they are ready.

Mojang said the same in a recent media statement and clarified that there are no confirmed dates. They will bring out the game as soon as it is ready but just don’t want to commit to a date which might require postponing on a later time. The release date Walmart specified is definitely longer than what Mojang said. So, you can assume that the retailer is simply looking forward to take pre-orders and the actual release date of the game will most probably be months earlier. The Xbox platforms have witnessed huge sales and a positive perspective for Minecraft. Phil Spencer from the company added that he is extremely satisfied with the output of the game in development. The original developer of the game Mark Persson also shared this view on the next gen versions being appealing and its capabilities in the near future.

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