Minecraft Xbox One Shows Improved Draw Distance, Release Date Very Close

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Minecraft Xbox One will feature larger maps and has an improved draw distance which will provide a grand experience for the players.

The developers of the game 4J studios released a comparison screenshot which showed both PS4 and Xbox One version of the game. It was definitely appealing to look at where the maps stretch much higher than what it used to be on the older generation consoles. The team confirmed that even though Mojang’s Owen Hill earlier spoke about implementing infinite maps, it is a difficult proposition in terms of technical limits. Even though, the next generation hardware used in the console is five times better than the older version and uses the latest graphics cards, an infinite world demands a lot more than that. The game developers have come up with an explanation and have clarified more about this feature.

Limited Yet Spacious

In their statement to the press, 4J studios confirmed that there will be limits for the maps found in Minecraft Xbox One edition but they are going to be at least thirty six times bigger than the ones found in the Xbox 360 version. That is a whole lot to imagine than you could, they added. The developers are confident that players will have ample space to move around, create some interesting structures and still be able to explore the world without hitting the end quickly. The screenshots definitely looked promising with the colors being more vibrant on the next gen Microsoft console than the one showed on PS4. However, it could be a simple matter of picture quality or the size of the file that the screenshot was captured in. The actual quality of both these games can be confirmed only after an actual release date which most speculate is really close. While Sony has given the task of PS Vita and PS4 version to be readied by 4J Studios, Microsoft’s task is only one – just the Xbox One version which is why it is expected to get released earlier.

Earlier Release Date

Minecraft Xbox One Edition is expected to get released first before the PS4 version because of multiple reasons. The next gen version from Sony is proposed to come out along with the handheld console version which might push it to anywhere near September or bit earlier. Xbox One on the other hand has potential chances of getting released in the month of July or August. The game first debuted on the Microsoft console two years back and became a notable success that led to its expansion. It is being said that the next gen version could also come in retail with a snazzy box art to woo players. There are plenty of new features to look forward to including the increased map size among others. Players will also have the freedom to transfer their save files from Xbox 360 to the new platform so that all their creations don’t get left behind. It will be done by populating the excessive space in the new map with default content.

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