Minecraft Xbox One – Release Date, Rumors and More

Minecraft is one of the most addictive block building games ever to be released.

Embracing the creativity of players, it is available on virtually any platform. However, the developers at Mojang are always trying to improve on their game. Trying to deliver the best experience they are taking the time to develop each version for a particular platform. Although, it is certain that Minecraft Xbox One version will soon be released, there isn’t much information about it. What and when can we actually expect it?

The Gameplay

Most players expect that the next-gen Minecraft Xbox One version will feature something different. However, having in mind previous version and the mindset of Mojang it is most probable that the gameplay will stay the same. This may seem as an interesting choice, but the game’s gameplay is already too good to need updates.


One of the most appealing features of the puzzle block building game is its graphics. Perfect in their 8-bit block style, the graphics won’t be tampered with in the Minecraft Xbox One version. However, due to the hardware possibilities of the next-gen console, you will now be able to see further into the world. In the Xbox 360 version the fog did not let you see much ahead. However, that will be fixed and now you will be able to plan out your buildings and creations better.

Game Modes

The two game modes available in the Minecraft Xbox One version will be the well-known Creative and Survival mode. For those who are not familiar with the game, the creative mode lets you enjoy endless resources and is mainly used for imaginative creations using the block system of the game. The survival mode is where the true game begins, as you have to mine for your resources. Moreover, if you don’t build a shelter fast enough, the horrifying creatures of the night might just take you down.

When to Expect It?

Mojang has been strict when giving out information about their upcoming release. The Minecraft Xbox One version was officially announced just a few weeks ago. Even though there is no official information as to when it will be released, the most probable date is either in Q3 or Q4 of 2014. Most fans believe that more information will be released at E3 2014, but this has not been confirmed officially.

Next-Gen Minecraft

Even though there won’t be many new features in Minecraft Xbox One version, taking the game to the next-gen console is still quite important. It will give the developers a bigger audience and let even more people enjoy the addictive block building experience. Moreover, the new features may not be visible at first sight, but are definitely noticeable. The Minecraft Xbox One version has another next-gen feel to it and is a definite recommendation to every hardcore fan, as well as everyone who has not yet tried it out. A release date may not have been officially announced, but the game will most probably be released in Q3 or Q4 of 2014.

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