Minecraft Xbox One Release Date Announced, Upgrade Option Available

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Are you ready to play Minecraft Xbox One edition on your brand new console?

The time has come finally, after months of speculation and this time around, it’s not some unnamed source or an online retailer listing. The official publishers of the game Mojang has made the announcement in their blog post and it’s definitely exciting to know that the date is very close. The publishers have confirmed that the game is all ready to land on the Microsoft console in the month of August. They have made sure that all the announcements made so far and the promises are being kept up including the most important of them all – the ability to transfer saves from the older console into the new one. This will allow players to preserve their precious maps that were created with months of hard work and they will also be able to play them on a bigger hardware with more draw distance among other features the Xbox One has to offer.

Concession for Xbox360 owners

Players who already own the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition will receive a special discount price from Mojang. They will be able to upgrade to Minecraft Xbox One at just $5 and start playing the new version. The original price of the game for new buyers is pegged at $20 which is quite cheap compared to the hours of game play that the title could offer and its open world environment to explore. Earlier, Mojang shared that they are looking at a release date which could span anywhere in the second or third quarter of 2014.

It is now quite close, with just two months to go and another good news is that all the DLC packs, skin packs as well as texture packs purchased on Xbox 360 will automatically transfer to the new console. Most of them will be available for immediate play while some may not be, because of licensing deals. The actual release date for the title is yet to be known and in their blog post, the company didn’t discuss much about the retail disc version which is also confirmed to be out during the same period.

Player First

Mojang has always had a player first approach where they allow them to make the most use of their games and are always lenient with their pricing. The Minecraft Xbox One will continue the tradition by being priced at $20. It will be priced at £12 for a new version in the UK while the upgrade will cost £3 for players who already own the game on the older generation Xbox 360 platform.

The game will feature bigger world sizes and will allow save transfer besides DLC transfers as well. The game developers 4J studios and Mojang confirmed that at the moment cross platform play will not be supported because of technical differences between these two versions. Players will also be not able to transfer Xbox One saves to the Xbox 360 because shrinking a bigger world size into less powerful hardware is near impossible.

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