Minecraft Xbox One Edition Coming As Early As August

The long awaited Minecraft Xbox One edition has finally been officially confirmed to be in development by 4J Studios.

The addictive phenomenon, which first hit the PC in 2009, will be coming to the next-gen console as early as July. Although, due to certain restraints the console version of the game wasn’t as extensive as the PC one, the hardware capabilities of the Xbox One will make it possible for the developers to give the players a world thirty six times bigger than the one on the Xbox 360 version. The game is expected released in August this year and even though its gameplay mechanics and visual appeal will stay the same, the developers are looking forward to offering the player certain tweaks.

Development Issues

Even though a direct comparison between the gaming consoles and the PC can’t be made, the developers of Minecraft have experienced some troubles, when developing for the Xbox One. The Minecraft Xbox One edition won’t be able to have an infinite world, as the PC version can, mainly because of the limited storage space for save files that the console offers. However, the world will nonetheless be a quite vast one, being as much as thirty six times bigger than the one featured on the Xbox 360 version, which ensures for endless hours of gameplay. Moreover, 4J Studios have mentioned that they are having trouble with the multiplayer mode development, as there are certain mountains they have to climb, but they nonetheless ensure that Minecraft Xbox One edition will be good as the PC version of the game.

Striving Toward the PC Capabilities

Even though the development of the game has been certain, 4J Studios stated that they decided not to announce the Minecraft Xbox One edition, until they were certain of the release date. Even though the development of the game had begun over a year ago, they’ve decided to unify the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game, which brought additional challenges to their development process. The game will be effectively the same, regardless of the few tweaks, as the 1.3.2 version on the PlayStation 3. There will be some additional features brought forward from the PC version, according to its developers. However, they didn’t give any more information regarding the game’s additional features. Moreover, when Minecraft Xbox One edition is released, there will be further updates for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game. The updates of the last-gen versions will include certain new features that will first be presented in the next-gen version of Minecraft. The developers of the game stated that they are constantly working on implementing new features in each of the game’s version, as they follow closely the desires of their fan base, but no further information was given about what these new features could be.

According to the latest official information Minecraft Xbox One edition as well as the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita version will be released in August this year. For those who already own a last-gen version of the game, there will be a special offer. They will be able to upgrade to the next-gen version for only a small fee, instead of having to pay the full price.

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