Minecraft Xbox 360 vs Minecraft Xbox One – New Features Compared

There will be significant changes and a whole lot of new features added to the upcoming next gen version of the game.

Minecraft Xbox 360 was a huge hit on the console and has already sold over twelve million copies. This is a great level of success that the team at 4J Studios has achieved. The game was initially delayed because Mojang didn’t want to bring it to the consoles as they were unsure of how well it would fare compared to the PC version. Even though, the hardware capability and graphics rendering capacity imposed a strong limitation on the things that developers could achieve, the people at 4J did at an excellent. They churned out an impressive game and managed to bring all texture packs, skin packs available onto the platform. The great success of the game on Xbox 360 paved way for it to land on the PS3 console but it did not end there because there is now a pocket edition for tablets as well as PS Vita edition. The success is expected to be renewed with the next gen versions with a good bunch of new features to look forward to.

Maps – Bigger, Better and Increased Draw Distance

When it comes to game play, Minecraft Xbox 360 version and every other version is driven by maps. The size of the map has a significant role to play in the game because being an open world sand box game, it is mandatory to provide freedom to the players. The older generation console version pushed itself to the maximum and recently it has been announced that the benchmark is going to be set high with the next gen. The maps will not be infinite as declared by Owen Hill during a press talk but it will be 36 times bigger than the one that already exists on Xbox 360. The size will be ample to allow players to create impressive structures, explore and enjoy some blistering battles in multi-player modes. It is the key to creating an addictive world with space to keep roaming and make some impressive changes. The developers who created the new world are really confident about their creation and they say that it is going to be a lot better than what players are currently experiencing on a different platform.

Save Transfers

The ability to transfer saved files from Minecraft Xbox 360 to Xbox One edition is an important feature. It is mandatory because no gamer would want to leave all the creations they made and maps they designed over the months to be left to rot on the older generation console. Phil Spencer in his press statement confirmed that all game files from Xbox 360 will be allowed to be moved to the new Xbox One version after the game gets released. This will be the remarkable feature that every player needs so that they don’t have any second thoughts in adopting the new platform. It is important to assure them which the company did. 4J Studios will reveal more about it towards release date.

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