Minecraft Xbox 360 Gets Its Exclusive Halo Mashup Pack

It’s going to be a great weekend for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition owners because the most anticipated Halo mashup pack is now available for download.

The fact that it is platform exclusive makes it all the more interesting for fans to grab it and don the suit of their favorite leader, Master Chief. Even though, the team at 4J studios is busy working on the next gen Xbox One version of the game, they haven’t abandoned the older generation console yet. All the latest updates including Title Update 14 had been released in time and the good part is, they are still working to fix the bugs found in the update. Recently, they released the Title Update 15 which helped fix some glitches, bugs and other issues that diluted the player experience. Despite their efforts, the title still needs more fixing, which is why they have confirmed in their official Twitter account that TU16 is coming soon. Meanwhile, the mash up pack has lot of new stuff to explore, and all of this will be part of the package you download from the XBLA store.

New User Interface and Music Tracks

The Halo mashup pack is available in the Xbox live store for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. It is available for purchase at a price of $3.99. Gamers in UK will be able to download it for £2.69 while European players can buy it by paying €3.79. The free version of the pack will be available as well, but all your creations cannot be saved until you buy the full copy. Mojang and 343 industries were proud to make this announcement. When a game gets such interesting updates as this, it adds up to the longevity of the title and keeps it as the hottest selling title.

The new pack includes Halo themed texture set which will bring the world to life while the menus will also resemble the fictional sci-fi world. There will be a brand new interface for gamers to try out along with new craftable items based on the Halo universe and 31 music tracks from the original game series. With so much stuff integrated into one pack, it definitely justifies the price tag of $4 which is quite less compared to what Mojang offers their customers.

Pre-Made Maps and Extensive Skins

Apart from all the content listed above, players who own Minecraft Xbox 360 edition will receive an amazing 40 character skins. All the major skins are included within this number such as Master Chief, Cortana, Arbiter as well as Sergeant Johnson. You will be truly immersed into the Halo universe and if it doesn’t sound enough there are pre-made worlds available with the pack.

Some of the iconic locations from the game including Guardian, Blood Gulch, Silent Cartographer and Sandtrap come bundled with it. You will also have the opportunity to play in Blackout map or Valhalla among many others. There are Halo themed vehicles and features which makes this the most comprehensive mashup pack ever to land on the console.

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