Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: TU14, TU15 and What to Expect

TU14 – What’s New?

The TU14 for the Minecraft was out for the Xbox 360 in March 2014 along with the updates for the PS3. The TU14 update had many new items, including Emerald, Emerald One, Ender Chest, Anvil, Flowerpot, Wither Painting, Baked Potato and several others. There were also some new recipes added for chiseled and smooth sandstone as well as new mobs with zombie villagers.

Features for generating terrain were added, with desert temples, villages as well as jungle temples. Bugs and crashes were fixed. For instance, chest locks were showing through the walls from a distance and this was fixed. When a player is in the Nether or in the End, there were crashes occurring in the Maps in the Frames item, which also received a fix with the TU14 update.

Changes in Gameplay

Players will now be able to trade with the villagers and also be able to place the logs sideways. They can also activate pressure plates as well as wooden buttons with the use of arrows. They can dye leather armor as well as wolf collars and collect Ice and glass panels with the help of tools that are enchanted by means of using the silk touch.

The behavior of players has also seen a lot of change, as they can now ride a pig and by using a carrot with a stick they can control this pig. When a player drowns, there is no knockback.

The TU14 updates had already started to be developed by 4J Studios last year in 2013, but they abandoned the work, as they wanted to finalize the Minecraft release version for Playstation 3 and also introduce three post launch patches. After months of stagnation, the TU14 work began and the patch was finally offered in March 2014. The new update focuses more importantly on the backend of the game, rather than make any major additions to the content.

Pattern of the Updates

Those who are avid fans of this game might wonder about the trend or the pattern of the version for Xbox 360. Many gamers feel that it will take the same path in its updates as the PC version, whereas others feel that there will be unique content that is specifically created for the console version or the Xbox 360 version.

It is more likely that unique content will be created in all the future updates for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft.

TU15 – Rolling Out

The Title Update 15 or TU15 has started rolling out from April 10th 2014 after the TU14 was released by the end of March. However, this update is only for the Xbox 360, whereas the update for PS3 edition is not yet launched. The developer announced the TU15 update for Xbox 360 through his Twitter account.

The PS3 edition has not yet been able to pass the certification process from Sony. There were certain bugs in the TU15 for the Xbox 360 edition. One of the issues was connected to the use of the chatpad, which is connected to the controller and another issue was related to the Anvil interface access in the course of the game. There were also some audio issues, with sound problems in the split-screen as well as some other problems with audio that was not properly synchronized.

The world and the mobs also experienced some other issues. In case of the world, blocks started reappearing even after they were mined and the world chunks began loading very slowly. Zombies will drop potatoes and carrots or even Iron ingots. There have also been fixes for problems with spawning in the case of wolves, chickens as well as mushrooms.

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