Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Download DLC by Halo 5 Developer

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The developer of Halo 4 and the upcoming game Halo 5 announced a new collaboration. In a report from the “True Achievements” website on May 7, it was mentioned that “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” will get a new DLC based on the popular Halo game series.

The “Halo” DLC is expected to be the best expansion of “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition”, with exceptional skin and texture packs.
The official twitter “Halo Waypoint” twitter webpage has shown a first look of this upcoming expansion, where we can see “Master Chief”, the main character of Halo 4 and Halo 5, who holds a “Needler” weapon. After Minecraft was released, we saw some nice Skin, Texture packs, that came with popular video game characters and it seems that they will keep on coming on this nice game released by 4J Studios.
Even though we don’t have more details yet, it has been confirmed that Halo will come to Minecraft! Until now only Minecraft: Xbox 360 game version has received these “mash-up” packs, but 4J Studios confirmed that these kinds of patches will come on Minecraft: PlayStation 3 edition too with the upcoming 1.06 patch.

The same patch will probably come for “Minecraft Xbox One Edition” and there are rumors according to which it will come later this year. We already have a confirmation that the backups from Xbox 360 could be imported into the new Microsoft’s next-generation console. The game will be released for the new generation console of Sony, PlayStation 4 and Vita.

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