Minecraft Xbox 360 – Awesome Tricks To Help You Out

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Even though it was released over 2 years ago, the sales of the Minecraft Xbox 360 version are constantly going up.

With more than 15 million copies sold to date the game has proven to be one of the most replayable and addictive puzzle titles to ever be released on the console. However, even if you have spent tons of hours into the game you might still be unaware of all the tricks you can do in the vast in-game world. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of little known facts and tricks you can use in the Minecraft Xbox 360 version to further your experience.

Blazes vs. Snowballs

If you get down to the Nether you will have to face Blazes. If you don’t have an awful amount of arrows and a bow as they are quite hard to acquire, chances are that in a chest you have a vast collection of snowballs. Make sure that you get a lot of snowballs with you in the Nether as surprisingly Blazes can easily be dealt with, if you have snowballs in your inventory.

Get Creative

One of the best ways to play Minecraft Xbox 360 version is to use the creative mode. Giving you the resources to build virtually anything your mind desires, the mode is one of the best ways to get creative in Minecraft. However, building everything you want may require a lot of clicks and tampering with different materials. A thing you should definitely be aware of, if you already aren’t, is the fact that if you double tap A, you will start flying and then if you press down and hold R you will slowly descend to the ground.

Torches Can Create Pockets of Air

Mining underground can sometimes lead to opening a few floodgates. If you got yourself into a situation where you need air immediately, you should know that in Minecraft Xbox 360 you can use torches to create temporary pockets of air underwater. To do so, simply place a torch on a block and the water will be temporarily displayed allowing you to take a quick breath in, before diving in the water again.

Easily Get Rid of Sand and Gravel

If you have played Minecraf Xbox 360 then you should know that sand and gravel can be quite annoying to get rid of. However, there is an easy way out. If there is a huge tower of sand or gravel, simply take down the lowest block and immediately place a torch on the ground. The falling sand or gravel will be destroyed by the flame of the torch quickly and easily.

Play Around with Torches

Torches can help you out in many ways. In the Minecraft Xbox 360 version you can use torches to hold up sand or gravel. It is quite ironic how torches can help you destroy and build. Placing a sand or gravel block on a top of a wall mounted torch it will neither fall nor be destroyed.

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