Minecraft PS4 Update Download Is Coming With Exciting Larger Worlds

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Just when the long wait for 4J Studios latest promised project seemed to begin to take its toll on the game enthusiasts, the developer decided to throw on some teasers for the fans on the internet.

There has been a series of screenshots for the upcoming Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One. The screen shots have definitely served to calm down the anxiety that many fans have shown over the recent past. Yet, the developer should realize that the calm is only set to last for a transitory while. The urge for the updates is strong and it may re-emerge stronger than ever. 4J Studios should release the title updates as soon as the screenshot releases still have a currency in fans’ minds.

The Screenshots Have Done the Trick for the Forthcoming Free Update

The developer has effectively dealt with the anxieties in the mean time. According to the message sent by 4j studios on their official Twitter handle, there has been an overwhelming quest for an update. Most postings majored on the need to increase the view distance. The released screenshots show what appears to have been a primary reason for the release. Both screenshots show more foliage and landscapes at a distance on the map. The developer confirms that the concerns are being worked on. Indeed the pictures serve to confirm as much.

Looking Forward to Viewing a Larger World Size on Minecraft PS4

One of the most mentioned possible updates is the increase in the world size in the game. The developer says that they are currently working on increasing the World Size of the two games, namely Minecraft PS4 and Xbox 360 to 36 times bigger than the earlier versions. Indeed 4J Studios has clearly indicated her intention to mold the next generation Minecraft to distinctly larger Worlds. The developer has reassured fans that although the Worlds will not be infinite, they will certainly cover a larger area than what you can find on the earlier consoles. The development fits in well with the hardware configuration of Xbox One and that of PS4.

The Teasing Game Continues

If you think the screenshots of the Minecraft PS4 update are the only ones the gaming world has seen, then you had better review the nature of the game. The video games development niche has become an almost crazy roller coaster that rakes in money with ever evolving casino type techniques. Many developers have adopted a range of mind blowing techniques to ensure that they keep their clients. In fact, it is rare to come across honest developers like 4J Studios in this instance, where the developer owns up to such a screenshot. Many such sneak previews are thrown on the internet to generate discussion, controversy and interest just before major releases. In many cases, the leaks originate from the developers but they will hardly admit of engaging in such antiques. As for 4j Studios, they have released numerous teasers relating to the Minecraft project. The latest teaser from the developer is the recent one on the PS VITA game version.

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