Minecraft PS4 Release Date – What Features Could It Bring?

The upcoming Minecraft PS4 is going to bring in a whole lot of new features and running on one of the most powerful consoles of recent times, it is expected to make use of the hardware power rendered by the Sony platform.

The developers have already confirmed a wide range of features which will be part of the game on the release date, but the big question is on when it will make it to the retail stores. The game is also scheduled to come in a retail boxed edition and Mojang has provided a tentative release which could take place anywhere in the second quarter or third quarter of 2014. The window is huge and no one can speculate an actual date because it is spread over a solid six month period. Some online retailers have made listings but all of them specify random days in the month of August, September or even December.

While the speculations go rife, the Minecraft PS4 will definitely sport some interesting features. The console is not only integrated with a powerful hardware but uses an intuitive controller which has a touch screen interface.

Touch Screen Control

The screen integrated in the PS4 controller will be utilized to a great extent, according to the developers. According to the reports published by the team, it is being said that players will be able to access the user interface, trade interfaces among others by using the touch screen. It will also be used as a way to navigate between multiple elements. For example, if you are looking to trade two different items in the interface to get an emerald from a villager, the function will come in handy. It will make it easy to browse through and will put the convenience of using a mouse to the console gamers. Besides, it will also be used in navigating through the map and in triggering special actions with traps. Many features related to the touch interface in the controller are speculated. The confirmed ones will be listed out only after Minecraft PS4 edition lands on the console and is available for play to gamers worldwide.

Bigger Maps

Without a doubt, this is going to be the best feature where players will have much needed space to roam around. They will be given new, bigger maps which will 36 times bigger than the PS3 version, according to a press statement made by Mojang. Going by the numbers, it definitely looks like something to watch out for. The PS3 version of the game has been receiving constant updates and it is about to get the new 1.06 patch update before the end of May. All the new features that came up with the 1.04 update had one or more glitches which are being rapidly fixed by the team at 4J studios. They released the 1.05 update earlier which fixed over 15 bugs and the new 1.06 is expected to fix more of them for a seamless gaming experience. The minecraft PS4 edition will get them all bundled together when it launches.

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