Minecraft PS4 Release Date Confirmed For August, PS Vita Coming As Well

Get ready to enjoy your favorite open world sandbox game on the latest generation console with more hardware power and amazing new features.

Mojang has officially confirmed in their blog post that Minecraft PS4 is coming and it’s about to arrive in August which is sooner than expected. Earlier, the company announced a huge release window which stretched throughout the second and third quarter of 2014, over a six month period. When questioned about this during the meet, Owen Hill from Mojang said that they did not want to disappoint their fans by changing dates again but will rather prefer being vague which may not affect anyone. The first leak for a possible release was paved way by an online retailer who listed the date on August 29th and now it looks like, it was true all along. The company has officially confirmed it to come out in the same month but didn’t reveal a date yet. It shouldn’t be long before they confirm the date as well.

Favoring PS3 Players

The developers of the game are keen to delight their ardent fans. To make this transition to the next gen console easier, they have specified an upgrade price. If you already own the PS3 edition of the game, you will be able to upgrade to Minecraft PS4 edition at just $4.99, a move which will shift the millions of gamers already on the platform to a more powerful console. This has been officially confirmed in the Mojang blog post which talked about other game play features as well. The next gen edition of Minecraft will have bigger maps to explore and a greater draw distance. As promised earlier, the company is all set to bring the save transfers. Players will be able to bring all their older creations, their maps to the PS4 edition. However, they clarified that backward compatibility will not be supported if you try to move PS4 save files to the PS3 edition of the game because shrinking big maps to a low powered console is not an easy task.

DLCs, Texture and Skin Packs

All the features, DLC packs, skin packs and texture packs will be available on the new platform except for some, due to licensing deals. They have said that those that are unavailable on release date will later be worked out with the respective companies and will be made available in Minecraft PS4 edition shortly. The release date for the game is just two months away, which is really closer than expected and with more such prominent titles arriving on the new generation console, it is expected that the PS4 will soon become the primary platform of choice. Apart from this one, PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game are also slated to arrive in the month of August. The cross platform play between Vita, PS and PS4 will not be supported at the moment but the developers may introduce such features in the future. It’s time to play some Minecraft, get ready people!

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