Minecraft PS3 Gets Bug Fixes with 1.06 Update

If you have been looking for a more polished gaming experience and the bugs been annoying you much, 4J has come to your rescue one more time.

Minecraft PS3 is all set to receive the 1.06 patch update in a couple of days. Similar to the 1.05 update which got released a couple of weeks ago, the new one will solely focus on fixing the bugs, glitches and issues that have been giving gamers a hard time. While the sole aim of the 1.04 patch is to provide a streamlined experience which syncs with the PC version and is capable of offering all the features that has already got released on computers, the original PC edition is being taken care of by Mojang directly and 4J is responsible for the entire list of console ports. They have been porting the title for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita consoles. Handling so many tasks at once is quite difficult but the team has been doing a marvelous job so far. Despite their hard efforts, there were so many bugs with the 1.04 update because it had so many features stuffed into it.

Fixing the Bugs

4J Studios has officially shared the release notes that details the bug fixes and patches done for Minecraft PS3. It is all part of the 1.06 patch update which is scheduled to get released on May 28th. Most players faced the issue when they would die but on respawning the players will find themselves becoming invisible and unable to continue with the game. It is an important bug which has been addressed with this upcoming fix.

It also focuses on fixing mobs dying in walls, wrong note block pitch, an issue where chunks don’t load properly in maps, players’ ability to breed Ocelot with a cat which is supposed to be not allowed, damage decals issue, tamed wolves going rogue when players are not near them and leather armor issue, among many others. Apart from these fixes above, 4J has an official list in the Minecraft forums where you will be able to know more about the patch updates and bugs they have rectified with the upcoming release. The Title Update 16 is already available for download on the Xbox 360 version while it is a week’s wait forPS3 players to get the same.

New Skin Packs

As 4J has released a Halo mash up pack for Xbox 360, it is expected that Minecraft PS3 may get some special skin packs and texture packs in the near future. The console already received an exclusive pack which featured the lead character Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Sly Cooper among others. The game also got the retail edition and has topped the UK charts in its first week which looks like a promising start for the PS3 edition. A lot of things are lined up with 4J studios, which had been busy working on the PS Vita as well as the PS4 version as well. After having fixed the bugs properly, the team will have all their time to focus on the next gen console versions of the game.

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