Minecraft PS3 Gets a New Patch 1.06

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4J studios have officially released a new 1.06 patch for Minecraft PS3.

Although the addictive puzzle experience is already vast and gives the player tons of hours of gameplay, the developers have decided to offer new features to the players yet again. Moreover, the new patch fixes certain bugs in the game. As the sales numbers for the game are going higher, surpassing the 1.5 million mark in the earliest weeks, the developers continue to fix the game up and bring new content, despite their main focus being on the new and upcoming next-gen versions of the game.

What’s New?

The new patch 1.06 for Minecraft PS3 won’t be bringing any new changes to the overall gameplay experience. However, those who love customizing their textured cubic worlds and creations will be happy to know that the new patch will feature four new texture packs. The added texture packs are the second editions of the Skin Pack and the Battle & Beasts Skin Pack, as well as the newly launched Candy Texture Pack and the Natural Texture Pack.

What’s Fixed?

The main focus of the patch 1.06 for Minecraft PS3 is focused on fixing up major and minor bugs in the game in order to enhance the overall gameplay experience. The main fixes are focused around the voice chat and the invisible bug, where players were going invisible for several of reasons, when they went through a nether gate or after dying or respawning. Other major fixes include the glitch where players were able to breed wild Ocelots and to breed Ocelot with Cat. The removal of the tame wolves, when they were angry and a player wasn’t around them has also been fixed. The bug in Minecraft PS3 where the leather armor was not displaying the enchantment glow has been addressed as well. In the new patch the player can rest assured that 4J studios have taken their time to fix other well-known bugs and issues as well as some minor ones.

What Does The Future Hold?

Even though Minecraft PS3 is already near perfection in its own variation, the game still has some minor bugs to be fixed – some of which already exist and some that are new and unknown that could arise at a later period of time. The upcoming patches of the game won’t feature much new content except new texture packs and fixes. However, some players speculate that with the release of a next-gen version of the game, new game modes will be presented and will be brought to the Minecraft PS3 version as well. However, at this point 4J studio has denied such rumors.

According to the latest official information a PS Vita, PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One version of Minecraft will be released later this year in August. Those who already own a Minecraft PS3 or Xbox 360 version and want to upgrade to the next-gen version, will be able to do so without having to pay the full price. However, a small fee will be included in the price.

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