Minecraft PS3 1.06 Update Could Launch On May 16

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It’s less than a week to go for Minecraft PS3 to get a glorious retail edition of the game which is going to adorn game shops and online stores in a while.

The edition is not a release like any other game because it is a huge stepping stone for the title which was literally delayed for a whole year, citing decreased demand among buyers. Sony console owners proved Mojang otherwise because since its launch, the game has sold millions of copies and is fast reaching the target of 12 million sets by Xbox 360 console. The huge gap between these two releases which is almost a year will never exist in the next gen platforms mainly because of the support the game got from players and the sales numbers. It has even encouraged the publishers to come up with a retail edition with a snazzy box art which is definitely going to be a collector’s delight.

Retail Edition with Special Goodies

Within a week, you can buy the game and showcase it with your other collection. The size of the game is incredibly small and hardly anyone is expected to make its way to the blu ray disc; but Minecraft PS3 has definitely broken such myths. The game is also about to receive the 1.06 update which 4J studios in their Twitter feed confirmed that it is going to be a fix for slew of bugs found on the 1.04 update. They didn’t clarify more about this upcoming update and whether it will feature some new stuff that has got released on the PC. Usually, 4J has a habit of keeping this wrapped up until the very end and they make official announcements only after the certificate testing submission has been made.

At the moment, it is not only time for Minecraft PS3 retail edition to come out but also for 1.06 patch update. The release date for the patch could most probably fall on the same day as May 16 as the retail edition release because it could be a special day for 4J to come up with more bug fixes. At the same time, there is no official confirmation of a certificate testing process undergoing at the moment by Sony. It is usual for these companies to reveal when the submission has been made but if they are planning to surprise the players, then it could be kept under wraps for the next couple of days.

1.06 Certification Process

4J may also choose to skip the 1.06 for now and focus on some new skin packs as well as texture packs along with the boxed edition. They may not be included in the blu ray disc because their production started weeks ago but will rather allow players to download these new stuffs from the official website. It’s a guessing game that will continue until the company voluntarily makes an announcement which they will, only days or even hours earlier to the release. Just keep your fingers crossed and expect to see some surprise announcements from the developers who will treat their fans nice always.

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